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Help with hero conversion


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Hi all, just wondering if anyone could help me out with something. 

So I've been trying to get back into the game, and looking for the army i want to work on as a year long project. And funny enough the army i chose probably has one of the fewest warscroll counts in the game (though not compared to the elves ^^:;;), but as an army they are just full of character and fluff. I decided to go for clan pestilens, one because back in 7th edition of fantasy i had a pestilens army and it was pretty fun, two the battletome was such fun and a good read which may lead me to buy the novel as well. and finally, because in my store they don't get any love, they are the only army that isn't played which is a little sad since they are an interesting little army. 

Right now i've managed to get the colour scheme down with how i want the army to look, i have ideas for doing small kitbashes with my plague monks to give them a more ragtag rabble feel than a robed army of similar weapons. 

But the one thing i am struggling with is the hero models. Given that there are only two plague priest models around now, one on the furnace and the lord skrolk model, i'm trying to look for other skaven models i could use to convert up to be a plague priest. I saw a good one with throt online, but sadly that model is no longer available, and getting it at a good price is proving harder to do than finding the current throt model ^^:;;

So does anyone know a good model i could use for a plague priest conversion ? I am right now just keeping it a clan pestilens army, so i would prefer it to be skaven, or something that could easily be converted to look like a skaven. 

Thanks for reading all, hope to hear back from someone soon ^^

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I have a smattering of old metal plaque monks and each of those would make a great priest with minimal work, if you can get them.

Other than that, every plague furnace comes with screaming bell parts. That includes a grey seer, that should be a great basis for a plague priest. The clamp pack grey seer should be a good basis as well.


I've also found a pretty diseased metal (!) "warlord" with two swords in the verminus section of the webstore. It is webstore exclusive and getting rid of one of the swords would be a chore, but otherwhise it is perfect.

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