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  1. Pretty solid round of previews I think. While every seperate preview is rather minor, it is all for miniatures, which is beyond welcome for me. Esher: I really love the Death Maidens, so much conversion potential. In fact the entire kit looks like a treasure trove of bits for just about every system. DoK Underworlds: They look excellent. The leader is the winner here and no doubt quite welcome for DoK players. Nothing really new or unexpected here though, bar maybe the armoured Witchaelf. The DoK or Slaanesh looking bit is absend here as well, so chances for EC are slightly raised. Lumineth: The archers are about what was to be expected. Still not a fan of the weird bowstring, but those where a known quantity. I also feel the uniformity of look and pose just does not work as well on these as it does on the spearbearers. I do like the look of the outfit though and the leader is quite cool. The mage is a mixed bag for me, I do really like the overall concept and look. But I'd have to see that helmed and face with a non studio paintjob to determin if it's just the paintjob I dislike or if they really just missed awesome and smashed into "too ridiculous for me" territory. Even if it's the second, a wee bit of gs to pull down the helmets armour and maybe a faceswap would fix that for me though. Really curious if we will see Tyrion with the release or if they'll save him and the units more associated with him for a later wave. "The Spider": Obviously Fabious Bile. This sadly does nothing to increase the likelyhood of an Emperors Children release though, since he completely broke from his original Legion. What is shown of his new mini looks great though and he certainly deserves the update. I also always liked his lore and place in 40k and it is very promising that he will get a dedicated PA instalment. This might be one PA release to actually have serious lore repercussions. Wonder what armies would see support with it besides a dedicated Fabius Bile subfaction for CSM? I guess daemons, Talons of the Emperor and Sisters of Battle will be the only ones left? Rumor Engine: My first thought was "finally some fresh infantry support for Orks in 40k", but I actually think Nekromunda is more likely. Orlock are up next and while not a 100% fit, this could be theirs. Closing thoughts: They really are taking their sweet time with those Scions of the Flame. I'm also starting to wonder if they are done with Killteam and Bloodbowl for the time, which would be quite sad.
  2. My best bet for the Rumor Engine would be Underworlds DoK. Could be Slaanesh, but I don't see more AoS releases for that one anytime soon. I'd welcome Emperors Children standalone in 40k though.
  3. So I remembered Rippers Snarlfangs actually having a rather high degree of craftsmanship for Destruction and took another look at them. Turns out they actually have shields with Chaos style trims, but slightly irregular (as is the trim on the rumor engine), so Gitmob is not out of the race at all.
  4. Looking at those bits of trim on the left and right makes me think generic Chaos deamonic visage and not evil Sun. Destruction tends toward a much lower level of craftsmanship and doesn't do trims like that. The easy to Start Collecting Chaos Warriors have some deko like that, so a part of me wants to believe well get that Warrior multipart kit after all, but it is so generic it could belong to all sorts of Slaves, Warcry or 40k CSM releases.
  5. So, that truly was a reveal worthy of being called "massive" for once. Going through it bit by bit: Lumineth Realm Lords: More miniatures shown than I expected, I thought we'd see Tyrion and maybe up to two new basic units. So having one more hero shown than I expected to see at maximum. Auralan Wardens: They are flawlessly executed. About the only unexpected bits are the non-pointy helmets and properly braced spears. A very similar unit to Ossiarch Mortek Guard. If they are similarly priced I might see myself getting a small force. Interestingly, no banner or musician. Could foretell these being part of another easy to build SC? On the other hand, the cavalry do have a banner and not all AoS units get a full command squad. Not as dynamic as almost every new GW unit, but that is more appropiate for a disciplined spear phalanx, so that choice gets a thumbs up from me in this case. Vanari Dawnriders: For the riders, I can only repeat myself, unsurprising, but flawlessly executed. It's nice to see cavalry on regular horses again. Just as with the Chaos Knights, the proportions of the horses look of to me, maybe I'm just to used to miniature horses having huge heads from old WFB, but these heads look to small to my mind The Light of Eltharion: The surprise star. Again, Looks wonderfully done. I'm a bit surprised the GW team didn't paint it with OSR, but I'm sure we'll see plenty of that once it's released. I really like this sort of way to bring back old heroes, more as homage instead of just plucking the old guys into a new setting. Personally hope it's like the Spirit of Druthu or the Eidolon of Mathlann, actually a generic hero, but even as SC I like it much better than a mere revival. Teclis himself: I don't care for SCs, even if they are gods. Bit by bit, he's as wonderful a mini as his Lumineth. The pose is a bit odd, though I think of it more as him floating next to the beast rather than jumping of the back of his mount. That thing has no saddle and looks way to fancy to serve as steed and a super-magic god that can fly at will probably has more use of a bodyguard/advisor/familiar than a mount. Well, Community says Teclis is "riding of it", though as pictured he isn't and Community doesn't always have those sort of details right. Celennar: This thing is my favorite of the batch. The parallels to the Mindstealer Sphyranx are obvious and unsurprising, considering the Sphyranxes are renegade servants of Teclis according to the Battletome. Very happy the Sphyranx wasn't a "one and done". Sphynxes are among my favorite mythic beasties and something GW never really explored as actual creatures before, as the khemrian ones where great, but to far of the inspiration and undead constructs to boot. Even then, these actually do tie in in a way with the old Tomb King Sphynxes. Those where also representative of the pre-undeath Khemrian culture opposed to Nagash, which used not only the Lore of Death, but also the lore of Light. If Community is to be believed, there's more than one of these, so if I can get one in a list without that SC floating god and there's more options for the beast, well I think that right there is a big draw to the army. Love to see the mask on it as well. As I've said before, masks are really a big thing in AoS and with so much High Elf nostalgia in the line, it's nice to see something to tie it in with the themes of the Mortal Realms and this thing does that 100%. Looking Forward: Obviously there's a lot more to come, I guess about a Bonereaper sized release. We can obviously expect a battleline unit of marksmen. Some generic heroes are to be expected as well, mostly Mages I'd expect, but some sort of martial general wouldn't be a surprise either. Then I'd expect at least one type of elite melee infantry, it's something all GW Elves save Idoneth got so far. Add a reimagination of the Reaper bolt thrower and some more fantastic units and we might be looking at a range not only similar in size to Ossiarchs, but with a rather similar army composition as well. Ossiarchs are comparatively budget friendly and since I am still looking for a more "for play" army next to my "for converting" Chaos collection the Lumineth might just steal that spot from the Bonereapers. On to the other things: Mechanicus: I love the Mechanicus and these are no exception. That said, I'm a bit annoyed at how non-futuristic they look. For one I wish GW did more of the nightmarish biomechanical Admech of old 40k art and for another I really dislike seeing Admech used for AoS conversions without major modifications, which I'll now see more of. It's admittedly a matter of taste and I always think people should follow their own taste when converting, still, it is a bit of an annoyance. Seraphon: I think the lore will be interesting and that terrain piece looks awesome. Still I really feel with the Seraphon players hoping for new minis. Not only where a bunch of basic Seraphon troops never great miniatures to begin with (throws side eye at all Saurus non-character units). Not only are many dated and finecast. But most of all I think Seraphon really need to get updated to their new lore, specifically the advanced magitek part of them to really properly bring them into AoS. The Wurmspat: The two blightkings are as most Rotbringers and Deathguard. Very nice to have some new poses and bodies in a force with a rather limited pool of them and very well executed, but ultimately more of the same. The sorceress on the other hand brings a lot of sorely missing points to the game. For starters, it's the first really appealing mage sculpt for the current Nurgle look. Then it's a female mini for a range that really should have some females among their numbers. Then it's a female mini of a body type we haven't got from GW currently and one that looks easily modified for a number of other ranges, I can see here really shining in Dark Age of Sigmar and Inq28 circles. And last, it's a classic fantasy trope, the wicked crone hag, that I can't remember GW doing in a long,long time if ever (Necromancer works, but was intended as male and the troll hag doesn't count due to size). The Zoat: The real star for me, absolutely everything a modern Zoat should be. They really went 11/10 with the 80s scyfy/Rogue Trader designs on its equipment and managed to make it look as good as it can possibly get. I love and adore it and must have it. In my eyes it easily beats out even the Ambull and GSC in the revival of a forgotten (by the GW design team that is) 40k classic. Blackstone Fortress has really been a teasure trove so far and I hope it will remain so for a long time to come seeing how much ground there is yet to cover.
  6. Eh, I'm all in on the really high fantasy elements of AoS, but I still consider that particular design to much. It's just that mixture of blatant disregard for anatomic limits and that there is not a single cue to how anything going on with that guy actually comes down to the magical nature of the realms. I can still accept it as an example of ceremonial garb that is rarely donned and highliy unpleasant to wear, quite possibly tying in with the theme of self flaggelation so common in Warhammer. But that is an explanation I, as a viewer, have to provide for myself, since neither the actual image nor the settings lore contain any contextualisation for this particular case of the impropable. Even a high magic setting should contain such contextualisation and imo, Warhammer and associated art usually does, which is why I consider this particular something of a design fail, high magic setting or not. Pitty too, with a bit more thought put into it I could see it could have been a sort of arcane equivalent to servo armor or an exoskeleton, holding up the wearer instead of the other way around. Now that would have been high magic.
  7. I think if Vampire Coast is on the horizon, then in the same vain as "Cthullu Elves" and "Tombking Revival" where on the horizon in the past (and some others, like whatever what would become Kharadron Overlords where called in the initial booklets Steamhead Duradin or somesuch). Meaning an army that could be described as such from a casual observation without context, but is very different from what people imagine just from the words.
  8. That rope and crude chain make me think that's a looted piece on a destruction model, either gargants or grotback skuttlers.
  9. So, Marauders, Marauder Horsemen and Exalted Hero are confirmed to still be around and the Soulgrinder is the last unaligned demon confirmed to be a Slaves unit. I think at this point the Lord on Daemonic Mount is the only unit with a chance to be axed? Allegiance abilities look flavorful, I'm quite fond of the heroes being placed front and center in particular, it's a nice nod how central Chaos Champions are in the lore of Chaos. Random eye os the gods is a must, though I get why more competitive types aren't to fond of it. Also fond of the more generic subfactions, leaves a lot of creative space for the players and aknowledges that these forces are incredibly varied. All in all, it looks good to me, no idea if its strong and will be competitive though, that's not really my field of interest.
  10. I was just about to get into the entire Multpart vs. ETB discussion again, but really, we've had that often enough in this thread and its actually exactly the same people exchanging exactly the same arguments as the last time we've had it about Chaos Warriors. That's not just of topic, it's pointless at this point to boot. Just gonna say, since its somewhat new, that the previewed Adeptus Sororitas are really giving me confidence MP's will figure into GW's plans for some time to come. The sisters and canoness are just brimming with options and bits of exactly the sort I want to see. I'll propably get quite a few just for conversions and to show that it's the sort of release I want to see.
  11. Did you look at the actual miniatures and sprews? Because the warriors really don't hold up so well in person. They are really low detail in the parts that aren't immediatly noticably and that, combined with their blocky static pose, means there is very little a modeller can actually do with them. I remember thinking they held up quite well myself until I help the actually held them in my hards and found they couldn't measure up in any regard even to monopose original starter set liberators. Knights are better, I think they could have easily gotten away with not updating them for quite a few years to come. But now there's the problem that there's new knights and old knights and the two won't really mesh with each other at all, the very different proportions on the mounts alone will see to that. So yeah, I'm not exactly happy they seem to be pulling another Dark Vengeance on us (on on Chaos again as well). Still the SC provides some really nice miniatures at a presumably a very decent price and a new lord choice (always welcome). I propably would have gotten far more Warriors with a new Multipart and I might not pull the trigger on the SC right away either, which would have been assured with more incoming next year. Still, I'm confident I could turn out twenty unique warriors and Knights from the SC given time, and that is likely all the Warriors I need for my Slaanesh for a long time, while I've already started on custom Warriors for Tzeentch, though at my current rate they'll be complete in a decade.
  12. That's my experience with Iron Golems and Splintered Fangs as well. Planning and dry fitting can help a lot, since some parts are better cut of and swapped before glueing and other are better assembled first and then cut. But who has time and a mind for that when in a kitbashing rage? Also felt the same way about how cohesive their equipment and style is. All in all, they are definitely not a breeze to convert, which is rather sad considering even with equipment options they are painfully monopose and a single box not exactly make for a great warband either. Doesn't change the fact they are lovely kits though and a great base for more freeform kitbashes for DAoS and Inq28.
  13. Yeah, it's not easy to see anything but a Destruction Gargant's weapon there for me. The tassle bits are interesting. This, the hints in the Old World announcement, Rippas Snarlfangs and Gitmob being Sun worshippers, I think we might be looking at a Hyish based Destruction Faction with multiple elements? Could be pretty interesting. Hyish tends to be home of more civilised factions and the Rippas armor is better quality advanced than anything else in Destruction so it works with my expectation that we will see a smarter Destruction faction down the road.
  14. I'm all for AoS gaining a War of the Beaurocrats. Between Lothan, Volkmortian and Epidemus accompanied by Spoilpox Scriveners we're already halfway there anyway
  15. I feel this is relevant news that some who only follow AoS might miss, GW-Community has put out an article aknowledging that the Sisters Battle Box sold out faster than is good and saying they are working on ways to avoid this sort of situation in the future. I think it's the first time Community actually explicitly aknowledges the developement of the new factory and distribution hub, though that was known via other channels: https://www.warhammer-community.com/2019/11/18/sisters-of-battle-situation-report/ I feel this sort of article is a very good sign for the hobby in general. A lot of stuff GW has always been completely silent about mentioned in there.
  16. One thing though, what if they actually look at the entire chronikle of WHFB and not just the narrow timetable of old WHFB. We could be seeing stuff like Aenarion, The Siege of Praag with Magnus the Pious and Asavar Kul or the War of the Beard. That actually would be exciting to me. Don't forget they also did a Codex Genestealer Cults which had been longer in the margin than any of the above.
  17. I think this announcement might be a bit to early. With something big like this, I think it would be better to give out as much information as possible from the word go, as it intruduces a lot of uncertainty. Not necessarily against it though, I've been thinking AoS Legends might become some sort of specialist game eventually. I'll wait and see, I likely wouldn't transition back to the old world, even for an aditional system, but I always appreciate nice bits and conversion fodder.
  18. I guess we just read the slim information so far provided on them very differently. It's the nature of speculation I'd say, there really isn't enough info for anything else.
  19. I'm sorry if I assumed to much,it seemed to me like the most likely basis for the conclusions you made. Just one last question, you wouldn't remember where the aelves of Malerion and Tyrion have been mentioned as fighting each other? I think I must have missed that.
  20. Delusional is a bit harsh, isn't it? They have never even been called armies so far. For now, the lore has only told us Malerion and Tyrion created their own kin, nothing about their relationship to each other. And light and dark are not necessarily opposites, particularly in AoS where the Realms of Light and Shadow are heavily intertwined and their respective gods arguably work more closely with each other than any other gods of the Realm in the current age. You seem to go from the assumption that there'd be a direct continuation of the dynamic between high elves and dark elves in WHFB, despite that dynamic having already been dissolved during the endtimes and never given any importance in AoS. Wether I'm right or wrong about there being only one more army (I consider it just a theory myself, as written in the quoted post), I think you may end up quite disappointed either way if you expect a redo of High and Dark Elves. They are gone, whatever comes now will most likely both be GA:Order on both sides and will not have the same enmity and I think only as tenuous a connection to Ulthuan and Naggarythe as Bonereapers have to Kemri. I don't really have a horse in this race, I'm a Death and Chaos boy at heart and it will be a long time before I ever pick up an aelven army. It's just something I think is possible from the information we have been given in AoS so far.
  21. I Don't think we will see an army build around Grungni anytime soon, if ever. The common assumption seems to be that like the other gods he has his own plot to bring in a superior force according to his vision. The thing is, he already did that, just in a completely different way from the others, when he abandoned the Duradin of the Realms to fend for themselves which resulted in the Kharadron. By my reading, it seems pretty clear they actually are his intended outcome, a culture of self-reliant Dwarves who no longer show up on his doorstep begging for daddy to save them all the time (it's all very Ayn Rand really). They don't particular venerate Grugni and they are not under his command, but they are the materialization of his vision in the mortal Realms and I think should be viewed as "his" army in AoS just as much the Slyvaneth are Alielle's and the Fyreslayers are Grimnir. For light and dark aelves, I still hold on to my theory that they may actually turn out to be a part of the same faction. Whenever they show up a little in the lore I get that impression that they, just like Tyrion to Malerion, just as Hysh to Ulglu, are two sides of the same coin. The way GW has been doing Dark and High Elves in the past, as well as Drukari and Asuryani in 40k, there are a lot of parallels in the lines, so much that one force would have a lot of units that are almost copies of each other. Unless there's a massive shakeup of the lore with their release, Tyrion and Malerion aren't even remotely opposed to each other in AoS, quite the opposite, they seem to be working closely with each other, though maybe not much trustingly. And we still don't know much about those aelves in the Realms of Shadow and Light who aren't remade souls. Light and Dark mixed together may seem a bit off, but if the more mundane aelves alongside Teclis represent the twilight in between, sort of in the style of the Mistweaver Sai, I could see it working quite well. It would also solve the dilemma of having two aelven forces in the pipeline that are so intertwined, so important to the lore and propably both equally long awaited. Make them big releases and they need to be spaced out, which would be unpopular and difficult to tackle in the lore. Drop them at the same time, and they cann't both be really big, leaving no one particularly happy and really robbing them of their momentum. So all in all, I think it is possible there will only be only one all new army for GA:Order in the forseeable future. Chaos will actually be completely covered with the release of Slaves to Darkness likely brushing out the last few stragglers. There are some avenues to expand the GA either by splitting Skaven again, reviving something old like Fimir or Chaos Dwarves or doing something completely out of the left field, but I don't think we'll see anything like that for quite a long time. Death is starting to look rather complete as far as number of armies goes. It seems given that Soulblight will get a BT and some new stuff eventually. I think they will want to focus on Vampires for that and that at this point reincluding any of Necromancer, Skeletons or Zombies under them would be a poor move, essentially making them a diminished version of old Vampire Counts/Legions of Nagash. Necromancers with the minion type Undead have been called "Necromantic Hosts" a few times in AoS 2.0 and I think they could make a pretty decent force, somewhat ramshackle and more independent thanks to being lead by the somewhat still living, but more cunning and organized than Flesheaters. But propably something that could be delayed for quite some time untill the time is right for such an "unimportant", just as Genestealer Cults seem to have fit a nerve when they finally came. So all in all, I think Destruction is the place to look at for new stuff and definitely the GA in the worst shape, bar Gloomspite. With the only remaining Orcs split between two factions in competition with FEC for tinyiest model range around, theoretically one army for no, but with little visual cohesion. Right now that GA has only three BTs and armies, with at least one seeming like an obvious soup placeholder. I also still think there is still some place for a more down to earth Orcs and Goblins to contrast against Ironjawz, Gloomspite and Bonesplittaz, not to forget they are still around in the lore, though they may end up looking very different from the removed Gitmob and Greenskinz kits. On the other hand I think they will maintain being the smallest and least pushed GA. Orks in 40k seems to suffer from a lot of problems, being extremely popular in theory, but not really seeing much play or support. I'm afraid Destruction may be falling by and large into similar traps, but hope I'm wrong. My suspicion is that more people want them as a force to play against rather then as one they themselves play and collect, though I admittedly can't back that up by anything but my own bias.
  22. I'd just like to throw in that posing (which as been going back to being more limited lately and which was never all that great once you applied a certain standart with most multiparts of old) is by far not the only thing multipart kits offer. I'm talking equipment option loadouts, of which Warriors currently have four. Hard to see how they'd keep up with that, all four options would take up far more than one big sprue by themself. They can't take the route they took with CSM and not include the full loadout of options unless they tzaangor* the unit and turn them into a mixed loadout. Worst case being with one shieldbearer propping up a whole unit again, in which case I'd honestly prefer they stick to just giving us monoposes snappfits. Could well be helberts and greatswords get lost either way, it wouldn't be the first time a unit build option gets lost in AoS and they've only been available as a non-plastic add on for any multipart Chaos Warrior ever produced. Then there's the question of the command squad. Honestly, I personally wouldn't be to broken up about their loss on the rule side of things. As converter it would free me up to model whatever command squad I want into my units. But I'd be sad to see all the banners gone from the battlefield in general. Plus looking at the Warriors we know we will get, I think matching banners and instruments would be great bits. Which brings me to number three. Multipart kits come with bits. Maybe not as many as there used to be, but still., for me those are an integral part of the hobby. I convert compulsively, which is admittedly why I take extremely long to finish anything (part of my enthusiasm is about getting at least 10 warriors I like enough to only low key convert instead of scratch building my own, saving me a lot of time). Bits are a huge part of that. So of course I'm hoping for a multipart for one of my absolutely favorite units. And then there's that the poses in modern multipart kits may still be limited, but they tend to not be as eye catching as those on snapfite monoposes. Which is really good if you don't want your army to look like synchronized clones. This is also why to me the best situation a collector can hope for right now is that an army gets both modern snap fits and a multipart kit for its most important unit. This actualy gives the biggest amount of pose and build options out of everything we've ever had. Clearly, only few units ever get that privelege, but personaly I feel Chaos Warriors are the most iconic unit in all non-40k Warhammer and absolutely deserve that distinction. All in all, for me multipart kits are really important because they perfectly encompass most the parts of the hobby I love and that anchor me to it. Customization, creativity, options, whimsy and a good bit of individualism. More than that, they also carry the spirit of those things into the hobby at large. Yes, those old multipose models wheren't really all that posable when you actually wanted your models to still look anatomically correct and stylish. But they animate even a complete newcomer with little to no aptitude for modelling to make those little plastic models their own and experiment a bit. Who cares if they end up looking awkward as long as the owner enjoys it? And maybe learns something from it and next time dares to go a bit further with the customization? But with very little customization in the rules and models where you often need to already have build your confidence with a hobby knife and greenstuff for even a simple conversion, I don't exactly see customization encouraged in newcomers right now. We all have parts of the hobby we care more or less about. I'm sure if we do end up getting a big multipart kit for Warriors but they keep/get weak stats for to high a point price many would be quite annoyed by that or pass over Warrior after all. And that is something I don't care about, I just want to field some Chaos Warriors that to me look worthy of the name and legacy in my army. That isn't better or worse, it's just different priorities and I guess I'm trying to say we all should see our priorities aknowledged, but not dominate. So, in the end, I guess if the message is to be "A monopose snap fit kit is as good or even better than a multipart kit", then I don't think my priorities are aknowledged. *Yes, tzaangor is a verb now. You're welcome.
  23. I can't see them removing musicians and banner bearers from Chaos Warriors, for me they are the perfect unit for that sort of thing. After all, they aren't just about crushing their enemy, but also making a spectacle of it to catch the eye of their gods. They ought to get theatrical and carrying the instrument or banner is not an impediment but an honor. And a proper Chaos horde just wouldn't be the same without a sea of demented banners. I wouldn't mind getting back a battlestandart bearer hero though. Get some use for that totem keyword. I think it's just another case of Snapfits with minimal loadout followed eventually by a full kit. Let's just take a moment to remember that the full Infiltrator/incursors kit has just been released all this time after Shadowspear and the new Codex with their full stats. There's only really the precedents of Chainrasps, Myrnmourn and Poxwalker in recent memory where a snapfit unit didn't get a multipart kit and those where new units without any options, two of them horde to boot, not one of the games longest standing units with a lot of optional pieces. We'd have to go back all the way to Dark Vengeance for something like them releasing these Warriors and no multipart to follow up. I really hope they learned not to repeat that one. We will know in about a month, if the experience with Shadowspear and the Space Marine Codex is anything to go by. If there are new Multipart kits for Warriors and Knights, they'll feature in the BT and will likely get previewed before that one gets released. If there aren't, I can still convert a sizable amount of SCs into enough units for my Slaanesh, but my joy about the release will likely be spoiled. P.S.: Looking at Overread I sort of feel like I've shown up in the same dress as the Prom Queen. Well, it's a new experience I guess.
  24. Against all reason, I actually want the Sphirinx to be character so it can lead my army. Don't even care if it's effective, I just love it that much. Taking a wild guess, I suspect there are monopose and the old Warriors hang around for a bit until a multipart kit drops, sort of like the units in Shadowspear and the upcoming Sororitas.
  25. Easily the best reveal ever for me. Just the Monsters for Warcry are undiluted awesome for me. The Sphiranx is better than my initial very good impression of it and on top of that there's an alternative build I like even better. But then the new stuff, including the New Warriors I was hoping but couldn't believe in? Even if those are monopose that is just stunning, I'm honestly blown away. My only issue is that even with Christmas coming up I won't be able to get as much of it all as I'd like to this year. To top it all of they confirmed that at the very least the SC content can still be used in monogod forces. Seriously, I'm so happy right now I'll gobble up an entire Murder of Corvus Cabal for you. I just saw no way that this could happen. An SC with all new stuff? That's just beyond unprecedented. The lord and knights at least where rumored here, but with the confirmed release list floating around I thought they'd come some time next year in a battlebox or something. Turns out that list didn't spoil the biggest surprise GW had up their sleeve.
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