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Battlion Warscroll abuse? (and a basic question)



First the Simple question since it came up in a recent game.

During the Combat phase, does a player have to pick a unit and pile-in and attack with it?  I popped an Assassin out to finish off a hero, which he did.  This also put the Assassin in 3" of one of his monsters in range.  He didn't want to pile-in and use all of it's attacks to kill a single Assassin, as it would've put him within 3" of the now free unit of Dark Riders, which this monster would've done more damage.  We let it go, and left the model as not having attacked and check on it later, which is what I'm doing.  I do know that I player can't save a model to attack later while he waits for more units to pile-in and pick the best.  I didn't see anything on choosing to not attack at all.  


So the GHB has points for Battalions.  Now I don't currently have any Battalion options, so this is completely foreign to me so I have a few questions regarding the Battalions.  I don't own any of the Alliance or Battletomes, so if the answers are there, then I would appreciate a point in that direction so that I can check it out next time I get with one of my groups that has those books.

1 - The Battalions all have requirements of units to be able to gain the benefit.  Can a unit fill the requirement, and gain the benefit from multiple Battalions?  I'm pretty sure this is a no.  In all the discussions I've seen, I haven't seen a reference or page number listed.  If anyone has one, that'd be great.

2 - I see quite a few lists where players are taking extra artefacts if/when they take extra Warscrolls.  Again, I just need a page # if this is in the GHB, or is it something that is found in the Battletomes?  

3 - Do you have to take the units listed in the Battalion before you can take the Warscroll?  I know this seems odd, but you'll see where I'm going in a minute provided that question 1 is a 'No'.  I haven't seen anything that prevents a player from paying for a Battalion bonus.  Ie, it looks like a player can use his leftover points to pay for a Battalion, and just not use it's bonuses.

I just want to make sure I'm not getting screwed, but is it possible for a player to buy some cheap Battalion without taking any of the units (or having units meet the requirements for two different Battalions), and still get another Artefact for another Hero.   Sylvaneth for example, can take one of the Wargroves that prevents retreating (don't know the name).  They can also take a Household one for just 20 points, which is an easy filler.  So I just want to know.

I believe the INTENT is to have both on the list, especially for a Tournament, and then choose on a game by game basis which bonus he wants to use.  I'm fine with it if this is the case, or will need to be a tournament House rule.  I'm afraid of just using the points, and getting the additional artefact without meeting the requirements.

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FAQ, under attacking - you do not have to attack with a model if you don't want to. This would include the pile-in element.
Units can only ever be part of one warscroll battalion (unless they are a unit in a battalion in a battalion) - very last question in the FAQ.
Extra artefacts for taking battalions is part of the standard text in all artefact lists, whether GHB or battletome.
Warscroll battalions have minimum composition requirements. You have to meet those to be able to "buy" the battalion rule, because you can't take that battalion without the required units.

I can see the logic "Ooh, I'm not using the rules...", but they are explicitly doing it to gain a bonus.

Their army is invalid, their army list is invalid, the battalion is invalid. The rules excuse you from not having enough minis to field a minimum sized unit; there's no such exception for units themselves.

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I think (it's not very clear from the question) that you are asking, can you skip a selection/activation for a particular unit with a view to coming back later to attack with that same unit (e.g. because an enemy unit has piled in and become a better target).

If you only have one unit to select and activate that, then no. You can either select it or not; and if you choose "not", then it cannot attack at all this turn - the FAQ  (top right of page 4) spells out that you don't have to attack. I think technically you could pile in (e.g. towards Wrathmongers), but then not attack.

I think that @BaldoBeardois right about not being able to buy formations that you're not planning to or able to deploy purely in order to farm artefacts. There might be a hole in the wording here - but this is definitely an exploit that any TO should ban on the spot. Taking 20 point Battalions to spam artefacts would be completely broken. 


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