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AOS AI system


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I decided to start this thread following some of the ideas that cropped in the following thread.

However this thread being more geared towards a particular Heros Vs enemy army type scenario i wanted to open up a thread for a generic AI system.

The idea being to design a (Relativly) straight forward sheet that would effectivly map out a NPC army to make it a half decent opponent. This could be used to play out a number of Co-op games or perhaps as a third party NPC. Or perhaps as a way of quickly testing out a small army configuration before using it against a real opponent. Pick your reasons.

I have developed a large number systems of varying complexity but decided that i would like to start from a more basic level and get some input from the community.

Here is one of my earlier versions:


Its only a basic system with the AI switching between an Aggressive and Defensive "Stance" that is decided every round using objective points ( A basic way for the AI to score itself to help decide if it needs to change tactics) I have already thought about adding more stance or perhaps "Sub Stances" under the existing ones (e.g. Aggressive:Berserker, Aggressive: Hunter)

The thing that take quite alot of trial and error is wording the system to allow for as little interpretation from you the player.

I have trialed these out in a few co-op and stand alone scenarios and they actually prooved quite fun but im eager to improve them.

Let see what you guys think!

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