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Returning Player (After 10 years) Belfast


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Hi All, 

I'm Chris a 26 year old chilled out fella from Belfast. 

I played a number of Games Workshop games growing up Warhammer, 40k, Mordheim and Necromunda etc. I had a number of Fantasy armies starting in I think 4/5th edition?? no idea really with the Bretonnian v Lizard box. I left the hobby because life / being a teenager. 

I picked up the AOS box with a friend of mine around 6 months ago on somewhat of a whim after passing my local GW choosing the Stormcast! I think they're very cool plus it seemed like an easier paint project when I haven't painted in 10 years! I did a little over a few months but I am now really enjoying the hobby again and have been consuming lots of content on AOS via Youtube, Podcasts etc while painting the last 2 months. 

I have a Stormcast Army which is 2 starter boxes and a few extras with some conversions, currently a little over 2000 points - some of which is painted with plans to finish by Christmas time :) I've gone for an emerald green type scheme with the classic gold shoulder pads. Hoping to post some pictures when I think they're presentable haha 

I have done a few conversions including a vexillor and I have swapped my dracoths with demi-gryphs for my concussors and I have a drakeswarm templar on griffon (The Karl Franz deathclaw )

Well that's my hobby story such as it is, I've had a few games with a friend of mine (the only person I know in the hobby) and I am loving the game. 

I'm keen to have discussions here and perhaps post some progress etc.

I'd also be really keen to get some games in!! so anyone in Belfast/NI say hello!




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