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  1. On the official AOS FB someone asked will they be bundled together in a set and the response was "We reckon that's pretty likely"
  2. Been out of the rumour loop for a while. Anything floating around about when we might see Malerions aleves?
  3. I've been doing Waaagh's at the start of the combat phase since that's when you count up the units. Is it definitely the hero phase then?
  4. Small piece of info. The DOK blood coven box was like gold dust for months. On the DOK FB page you'd regularly see people saying "had to drive for 4 hours but I finally got one". Sold out everywhere until recently.
  5. This is something that often comes up in my home games with the terrain. We play that you can always get into combat if you made the charge but on the table one unit is atop a building the other on the ground. Which makes things like piling in etc very awkward. I'd really like to see an official rule for this as many people have these types of terrain. I don't feel they can't do anything is fair.
  6. If you play matched play then you'll find that the battle plans in the ghb will be used for the vast majority of games.
  7. It's rather annoying that GW is charging 19.99 for Malign Sorcery in digital form. That book comes with the box does it not?
  8. I'd really like arefacts and spells to live in "my battle" as well. It would mean it's one page to reference everything you need to know for the game.
  9. App for the win. Load everything up into "my battle" and it's much quicker for referencing. You can also add the battlions, mission etc all here if you've also purchased them in app. The new version is much cleaner as well. If you have a good tablet it's great. The books are cheaper, get updated and referencing is just as quick as warscroll cards. That said I'd love their GW to just raise there app game a little and make it perfect.
  10. SuperKick


    It all stacks
  11. I think given the endless combinations and factors to bare in mind the game is pretty balanced and we're seeing adjustments regularly. For casual games i agree if it seems broke maybe dont take that when playing buddies is the simple solution. Aos is now a massive tool box, looking at the realm artefacts and everything else going makes me think you can make almost any piece viable.
  12. Thanks for your thoughts, just seen the replies. With the points jump in temple nest I've opted for list 1. I do intend the lists for tournaments. Going to run a third hag instead of the skinks for now. Only one unbind is concerning but i think i can live with it given all the other damage i can dish out. Might take amulet of dark fire on the bloodwrack shrine to ignore MWs from spells on a 4+ Im assuming that includes endless spells as well.
  13. Hi Folks, I'm working on a snake heavy DOK army, I am at a crossroads with my Melsuai and need to build either more Blood Sisters or Blood Stalkers. I've got these two lists in mind: List 1 Allegiance: Daughters Of Khaine - Temple: Hagg Nar Bloodwrack Shrine (220) - General Hag Queen (60) Hag Queen (60) 20 x Blood Sisters (480) 20 x Blood Sisters (480) 20 x Blood Sisters (480) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) 10 x Skinks (60) -Meteoric Javelins & Star Bucklers List 2 Allegiance: Daughters Of Khaine - Temple: Hagg Nar Bloodwrack Shrine (220) - General Hag Queen (60) Hag Queen (60) 20 x Blood Sisters (480) 20 x Blood Sisters (480) 5 x Blood Sisters (140) 5 x Blood Stalkers (160) 5 x Blood Stalkers (160) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) 5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (80) Temple Nest (80) List 1 All-out aggression Sisters Skinks/heartrenders for screens and objective holding List 2 More rounded, less drops, extra artefact, extra command point. Same idea but the stalkers holding objectives and firing some rather poor shots. Perhaps less punch Which do you think is stronger?
  14. Thanks for your thoughts, that could be good. Think I'd probably split the ardboys as I like the threat of the 6 gruntas. Might combine the brutes but It'd wouldn't be WYSIWYG unfortunately.
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