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AoS Campaign Rules

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I'm starting to write an AoS campaign structure for my group to use.  It'll be based around a hex grid, where the armies scale up in size, the more hexes they conquer.  We're planning to start small (20ish SCGT pools) and progress to 100 pools plus.

While I can guarantee the official GW matched play rules will probably make all of my hard work obsolete come the summer, I've started, so I'll persevere.

Question: does anyone have anything from the past / is anyone working on anything similiar?  I'd love to see what other ideas are out there...and pilfer the best ones.  Even if anyone did something similar for 8th, I imagine it'll be easily transferable.

Any suggestions/donations welcomed. Thanks in advance.

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I am not using a hex grid but I have designed one for our gaming group and also sharing amongst anyone else who wants to use it. Feel free to use it, take bits from it or not use it.

I have attached it to this post for your ease of download.Or its on my dropbox if better. 



The One True Realmgate Campaign Pack.pdf

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