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Warhammer Day Preview Show


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Warhammer Day Previews start in about half an hour. I'll be watching the show with fingers crossed for undead reveals. The last preview show didn't have too much for us, just the vampire Bloodbowl team, though in their defense those are some nice looking models. There are reasons to hope for a more exciting show for undead players this time around though, as we draw closer to faction book releases for both Flesh Eater Courts and Necrons, plus there's been a lot of Old World buzz and rumors, plus some ossiarch-looking rumour engines, not to mention outright image leaks of new ghouls, so yeah.

Show starting now




Necrons count as undead, right? Well, new plastic Imotekh to go with their new codex.

I've really got to get rid of my Chaos Marines so I can start necrons.


neat admech sniper



really amazing stormcast hero model.  I'm jelly.  He's even narratively tied to the realm of death.


cool sylvaneth model



Dawnbringer book three has Khorne and Ogors as the primary antagonists.  Very 1e AoS with Stormcast v. Bloodbound.  Not seeing much undead though....


New plastic Striking Scorpions.  Finally.


New Brettonian Hero on Pegasus.  Also some Knights on foot.  Very nice.


And... That's it?

No Tomb Kings?

Not even the already leaked ghouls?

The closest to undead we get is a necron hero for 40k, and a shyish themed named hero for stormcast??




Next preview is for mid November.  We'll be back to try again then, maybe.

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