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Compendium units at tournaments


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Was wondering whether tournaments are generally allowing people to include the various Compendium units in the General's Handbook?

I'm coming back to AoS after ~6 months away and am just getting to reading the General's Handbook (haven't played since before the Order alliance book came out). I have High Elves (what was about 7000 points in 8th) and was a bit dismayed to work out I can't field a legal army at 2000 points because what were the High Elves have no Battleline units unless you are taking the specialised Phoenix Guard / Swordmaster / Shadow Warrior faction by itself :(

Are tournaments usually excluding Compendium units? So much great HE stuff has been canned since I last played (Reavers....). I can probably field 3x10 archers as Glade Guard to make it legal, but it doesn't feel right... I just picked up Alarielle so perhaps I just need to invest in some Dryads.

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