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Hi all,


So my local is running an escalation campaign, starting at 500 points with 200 point increments, the last being 300 points to a total of 2k. 


This has given me the perfect opportunity to defect from Chaos to Order and satisfy my love of all things Elvish (Aelvish?). I was enchanted by some of the new Sylvaneth models but the faction doesn't offer enough diversity for me and far too many people run them for my inner hipster to handle.


As such this is the list I've drawn up, 8' more inclined to fluff and thematics than competetiveness but I won't enjoy being totally stomped...



Treelord Ancient (300) 

i have to make this my General since he will be in my starting 500.

Loremaster (100)

Waywatcher (100)



Dryads x10 (120)

Dryads x10 (120)

Glade Guard x10 (120)

Sisters of the Watch x10 (240)

Eternal Guard x10 (80)

Wildwood Rangers x10 (200)

Wild Riders x5 (140)

Sisters of the Thorn x5 (220)



Frostheart Phoenix w/ Anoited (260)




So it's a bit of a mish-mash, I appreciate the dryads are better in blocks of 20 but I'm trying to minimise points spent on battleline for more exciting units.

The SOTW I'm not entirely sold on the models, I'd prefer Shadow Warriors, but I feel like they're the best ranged infantry unit available to Aelves.

The Phoenix is there to a) look good b) be a mobile support for other units with an Annoited because it's no extra points and I've enough space for more leaders.

I know the Wild Riders get some jip but again, lovely models aaaand I feel like the ability to run and charge makes them a really useful addition. 

As for the SOTT their warscroll is just really appealing, although I'm not sure if a roll of a 5 with +1 (from mystic shield etc) would trigger the Shield of Thorns effect?

Any thoughts and comments would be great to hear!




The order I'm planning to bring on the units are as follows


Ancient & 10x dryads (420)


Wild Riders & loremaster (660)


Sisters of the Watch (900)


10x glade guard & 10x eternal guard (1100)


waywatcher (1200) 


Sisters of the thorn (1440)


Wildwood rangers (1640)


Frostheart Phoenix & 10x dryads (2000)



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You get the shield of thorns mortal wound on a 5+ if mystic shield is also cast on the unit. If you cast the shield of thorns on the pheonix, you can get the required mortal wound roll even lower cuz everytime a spell goes off within 12 inches you have a 5/6 chance of adding 1 to the save roll via attuned to magic. 

This is a cool list, good luck!

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