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  1. Man I am so excited for this book. 7 short stories? Tons of lore? Possible updated warscrolls? New allegiance abilities, artifacts, and spells? New artwork? I need to calm down and go paint some sea dragon cloaks. Happy Cities of Sigmar day, friends! A new dawn rises
  2. A man can dream. Anything is possible in the mortal realms...
  3. I’m all for ditching the old world characters...but only after they bring back Malus Darkblade!
  4. All hail the true Phoenix King Malerion/Malekith! just to give some added sources about what the main man has been doing in the mortal realms: From the malign portents short stories: https://malignportents.com/story/a-rescued-soul/ and a blurb from the malign sorcery book talks about him hanging in his capital city of Druchiroth(sp) and taking shadow magic to new heights. We also know that the Mistweaver is from uglu, presumably the shadow aelves faction, as per the original silver tower book. Likely the tenebrael shard as well. So a few hints in the fog and shadow and mist; seems appropriate for the god of shadow magic.
  5. From my limited experience I would say Idoneth Deepkin. Unless you do eel spam alpha strike; I don’t think that is too difficult to master, it’s more point and delete. But outside of that, it’s a glass hammer, fast army with a lot of buffs that say “wholly within” and powerful spells with limited range. Difficult to master painting them too!
  6. Deepkin vs Slaanesh (with new models) would be thematic, and deepkin at least could use a bargain bundle. If it came with reworked Deepkin points so that there is a competitive build not completely reliant on morsarr guard spam, all the better.
  7. I heard there was someone running train with a buffed up war mammoth! Can you spill the deets on this?
  8. I love the Drakespawn Knights. Super competitive? Not really. But sinister aelves on raptors for some reason just works for me
  9. The one that makes little sense to me is the leviadon going from 380 to 440. I don’t think it was seeing much play at 380, and at 440, I doubt that will change. Not sure what they were thinking with that one... any ideas?
  10. Not small potatoes really. Can shut down an alpha strike shooting army if you deploy creatively. Balewind is ridiculous, agreed there, but that doesn’t change the fact that this could be incredibly useful against certain lists.
  11. @mmimzie Ouch! That probably needs to be FAQed if that is the case.
  12. Just to move away a bit from this morrsar vs thrall argument... Question: if you put a hero with cloud of midnight at the front of your army, would enemy ranged have to target that hero but then not be able to actually shoot at it?
  13. Hey, this is in the new section on the black library, but the link doesn’t work when I click on it. Anyways, looks like a Wanderer, which is interesting...
  14. I have nothing constructive to say, just going off my gut reaction, but man, I LOVE what has been revealed. Amazing models
  15. Hey man, I think you played well and if you hadn’t run out of time would have gotten the major victory. It was a lot of fun watching your witch elves destroy so many skaven, I only wish your Medusa hadn’t gotten sniped out before they got in range of the stare. You guys had to rush at the end so it’s understandable mistakes happened. You did us proud lol. The stacked Blood Shield seems like a great way to weather an alpha strike, which in my opinion is a good thing; for me, there is nothing less fun than being the victim of a first turn alpha strike and losing all your key pieces before you can do anything. After that though, you usually got to start spreading your force to get/protect objectives, and the stacking becomes harder.
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