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Painting Greek Statues


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Hello! I got a crazy idea for painting a war machine with a third party miniature. I am planning on taking a Zeus miniature from Of gods and men and painting him up to look like a statue construct to use as a cannon. I plan on painting the cloth on his model purple, but how would I go about painting such a thing? I know I want to have a stone texture, or even a bronze one, but aside from that I don't exactly know what would look good. Anyone have any tips on painting marble or brass?

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On 3/23/2022 at 11:53 PM, Engie Miniatures said:

for marble you might want to start with a prime of white or a light grey, and paint it white. after that I'd stipple on a very light grey, then freehand veins of a darker grey in. for bronze I would basecoat in dark aqua, then drybrush on a brass or bronze color

didn't even consider a dark aqua for the bronze! I think I decided to do bronze for a different model, mostly one that is made for front line combat. since a cannon can be killed easily, it makes sense if it crumbles easily.

Now, are there any good painting tutorials for this?


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