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LVO 2017 Formations and the Sideboard


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If you bolster a warscroll, add warscrolls, or remove heroes formations change. Can formations just be changed around on a whim as long as the warscrolls in the battalion are present in the army? Can a 0 sideboard army reform between battles based on current accepted GH/Tourney rules? Also- Hi there! First post, ran a search on the forum and did not find an answer.

  • Warscrolls may have their model count increased by adding Sideboard Warscrolls to them, where applicable. This may not take them above their normal model count limits (if any) nor may any Warscrolls have models added to them which they could not normally contain.

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How I understood it

Lets use specific examples.


At the most basic level, in your main force if you have a unit (ie a warscroll) of 5 liberators, and your side board has a warscroll of 5 additional liberators, you may cycle out 100 points of your army in favour of those 5 additional liberators.  This second warscroll of liberators from your side board, may be slotted in as a second UNIT of liberators, or it may BOLSTER the existing unit up to a single warscroll of 10 liberators.

You may only have a warscroll batallion if you begin the game with the minimum requirements in your army list.

Since you may only have warscroll battallions if you meet the requirements, then no you may not reform in and out of battallions.

I have no official role here. So if you really want an official answer you should use the LVO contact details and submit a specific example.


That being said, I think the rules indicate there is no chance this is legal.

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I'm going to field Ironjawz. To be specific with a test example:

An 'Ardfist consists of 3xArdBoyz(540) + Warchanter(80) + 40 Battalion tax.

It is possible to remove: 

2 units of 'ArdBoyz (-360) and the Warchanter (-80), losing the Battalion tax (-40) = -480

This means a remaining unit can be bolstered by 2 unit increments for +360 and a WeirdNob can be added for +120, equaling +480. 

Is it possible to instead add:

2 units of Brutes (+360) to the remaining ArdBoyz unit to form an Ironfist (+60)?


[Leader and Battleline satisfied]+([3xArdBoyz540]+[Warchanter80]Ardfist40)

-([2xArdBoyz360]+[Warchanter80]Ardfist40) + [2xBattlelineboosters360]+[WeirdNob120] = 2000pts


-([2xArdBoyz360]+[Warchanter80]Ardfist40) + ([2xBrutes360]Ironfist60) = 1940pts


I am also hearing that the command traits and artifacts can be chosen before each game. I would think the formations can also be chosen and paid for each game if there are points available. The removal and addition of units as described in the LVO guide addresses warscrolls only and not battalions. 

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19 hours ago, Crosslight said:

 The removal and addition of units as described in the LVO guide addresses warscrolls only and not battalions. 


LVO is 2000 point plus 500 point sideboard.

The tournament organizers are free to rule as they please, but since one may only take Warscroll Battalions if they have the prerequisite units, I think it would be unusual for them to allow Battalions in the sideboard, if those battalions require warscrolls in your main force assigned to a battalion in your main force. (ie if you have a 500 point Warscroll Battalion (including all of the units in the battalion) and swap it out with a 480 point Warscroll Battalion from your sideboard, I doubt there's any issue there.

Beyond that, I don't see any reason why they would oppose:

The Warscroll battalions would still need to be paid for, and on the list.  That is, to use your example, the 'ardfist Warscroll Battalion having been paid for as part of your main force, and the Ironfist warscroll battalion would have to be paid for as part of your sideboard.

On that basis, I think it would be reasonable to allow a player to remove Warscroll Battalion A and replace it with Warscroll Battalion B.  In your example above, you are mapped out above, you cannot have an Ironfist because you don't meet the prerequisite - you need THREE UNITS assigned to the Battlaion.

As far as command traits and artifacts, I believe the event document is pretty clear about them.


I cannot stress to you enough - if you want firm answers to these questions, check the design document and send an e-mail to the TO (Reese)


Hope you get it sorted out, but I'm had my fill.

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