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  1. In the attached photo, Banner of the Great Maw: In your hero phase, a Bruiser can plant the Banner of the Great Maw in the ground with a mighty bellow. If he does so, he may not move until your next hero phase, but until then all Ogor units from your army within 18" of him are imbued with the hunger of the Great Maw. In the combat phase, wound rolls of 6 or more for these units inflict a mortal wound in addition to any other damage, as your warriors bite big chunks out of the foe Q: Does this carry over into the combat phase for units that move outside the 18" range? Imbued I think is the wrong wording here since it is a planted banner. Banner planting makes sense as limiting the AoE by stopping movement and charging. This imbued term can mean simply that units outside the banner's range in the following turn are then outside of range.... I want this to work and my argument is that the warscroll would not use the word imbued within 18" until the next hero phase. The warscroll would simply state the model cannot move until the next hero phase and units within 18" in the combat phase get the boon. Thoughts? Are there any like examples on other scrolls that have been judged by an authority or GW FAQ?
  2. Thanks! Final list then- * Savage Orruk Bigboss ( # 10 x Savage Orruks # 10 x Savage Orruks # 10 x Savage Orruks # # # # ++++ 40 x Arrowboys ) * Savage Orruk Bigboss ( # 10 x Arrowboys # # # +++ 30 x Arrowboys ) * Savage Orruk Bigboss ( # 10 x Arrowboys # # # +++ 30 x Arrowboys ) 3 x Kunnin' Rukk 1980
  3. I've been building this list. Does this fit into the Bonegrinz Warclan? It MUST contain 1 Kunnin' Rukk. Does that mean one and only one or one Kunnin Rukk minimum?
  4. Very interesting idea, have you play-tested this against a another list? If so, which list?
  5. I'm going to field Ironjawz. To be specific with a test example: An 'Ardfist consists of 3xArdBoyz(540) + Warchanter(80) + 40 Battalion tax. It is possible to remove: 2 units of 'ArdBoyz (-360) and the Warchanter (-80), losing the Battalion tax (-40) = -480 This means a remaining unit can be bolstered by 2 unit increments for +360 and a WeirdNob can be added for +120, equaling +480. Is it possible to instead add: 2 units of Brutes (+360) to the remaining ArdBoyz unit to form an Ironfist (+60)? [Leader and Battleline satisfied]+([3xArdBoyz540]+[Warchanter80]Ardfist40) -([2xArdBoyz360]+[Warchanter80]Ardfist40) + [2xBattlelineboosters360]+[WeirdNob120] = 2000pts OR -([2xArdBoyz360]+[Warchanter80]Ardfist40) + ([2xBrutes360]Ironfist60) = 1940pts I am also hearing that the command traits and artifacts can be chosen before each game. I would think the formations can also be chosen and paid for each game if there are points available. The removal and addition of units as described in the LVO guide addresses warscrolls only and not battalions.
  6. If you bolster a warscroll, add warscrolls, or remove heroes formations change. Can formations just be changed around on a whim as long as the warscrolls in the battalion are present in the army? Can a 0 sideboard army reform between battles based on current accepted GH/Tourney rules? Also- Hi there! First post, ran a search on the forum and did not find an answer. Warscrolls may have their model count increased by adding Sideboard Warscrolls to them, where applicable. This may not take them above their normal model count limits (if any) nor may any Warscrolls have models added to them which they could not normally contain.
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