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Zombie conversion help


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Hi all,


Just after some advice or ideas really. I have been doing a lot of conversions to do a Tomb king style Soulblight army.

So I have two Wight kings on a skeleton steed using Arkhan and skeleton from the screaming skull catapult crew riding a modified grimhailer mount.

I have my zombie dragon with the howdah from the warsphinx and even a nightbringer and some necropolis knight heads on my varghiest.

Overall I am pretty happy with it but the one thing I would like to try and find a way to squeeze in is zombies, especially for smaller point games i tend to be a bit outnumbered and need them zombies to make up the numbers however I am not really sure where to start.

I cant see a way of making them look more mummified so that leaves me thinking would I get away with painting them in a more sand like color (I've not seen anyone try this so cant quite visualize it).  or would I get away with just adding some tomb kind heads to a few so the zombies are some sort of halfway house or more skeletal but with some embalmed looking flesh?

Any thoughts would be helpful am sure.

Thanks for your time 🙂

Fluff wise I always tell my friends my army is searching for the skull of a man who may have seen a man who may have seen Settra but he wasnt sure as it was dark.

One day we may find it...

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I have a Tomb Kings/Gravelords army, too. But I also can't really find a good conversion idea for zombies.

My personal solution is to keep the Deathrattle and Deadwalker sides of my army separate. In the fluff, Deathrattle kingdoms often form mutually beneficial alliances with Gravelords. That's what I intend to represent in this way for my army: An ancient Deathrattle kingdom that provides all the skeleton and deathmages stuff allying with the Vyrkos dynasty who brings in bats, wolves and zombies. Of course, you can blur the lines a little and have a few Vampire characters represented by Tomb Kings models, or paint a unit of Dire Wolves like jackals.

Overall, the new zombies don't look extremely medieval. I think you could get away with painting them mummy brown with off-white clothes and put them on a desert base. Maybe go the extra mile and replace the graves that some of them have on their backs with more bronze-agey stuff or something. Or just with a Tomb Kings shield.

Another option would be to just not run zombies. You can definitely build a good skeleton-only list in Gravelords. Here's a skeleton-heavy core I am workshopping for when I want to run a pure Tomb Kings list:

Allegiance: Soulblight Gravelords
- Lineage: Legion of Blood

Wight King on Skeletal Steed (130)
- General
- Command Trait: Soul-crushing Contempt
Coven Throne (310)
- Artefact: Soulbound Garments
Necromancer (125)

5 x Black Knights (120)
30 x Grave Guard (420)
- Great Wight Blades
30 x Deathrattle Skeletons (255)

Total: 1360 / 2000
Extra Command Points: 0
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 94


This core has battleline covered between the Wight King making Grave Guard battleline and the Black Knights being battleline in Legion of Blood.

The general idea is that each unit has a support hero that helps them do work. Grave Guard get Coven Throne support to be at a non-reducible +1 to hit and wound and +1 to save. Soulbound Garments helps the Throne stay alive. You can put a Casket of Souls, Liche Priest and the two guards on a Mortis Engine to make a cool Tomb Kings version of a Coven Throne like so:


The Wight King accompanies the Black Knights to form a mini bravery bomb. If you get both units in combat with the same enemy, that enemy is at -3 bravery and takes 1d3 extra battleshock casualties from the Legion of Blood allegiance. Add a Horrorghast endless spell for another 1d3 battleshock casualties and Inspiring Presence immunity.

The Necromancer supports the Skeleton block with Vanhel's, which allows them to heal twice each combat phase. This is the list's main anvil.

As you can see, there is a lot of room left to add a VLoZD and a unit of Vargheists. Not sure if this list can be easily made to work at sub 1000 points, though.



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That's really cool mate nice one.

I too completely plan to throw a casket of souls on a mortis engine style unit like you have. I even wondered if I'd be able to throw a chariot at the front.

I've attached some pictures of my varghiests (before I sorted their bases) and my howdah on the zombie dragon. I magnetized it incase i ever want to throw it back on my warsphinx haha.

I'll have another play around and see if I can get something down to 1k I feel comfortable with and failing that I might try the paint colors you suggested for Zombies, like you say I should be able to make a list that doesn't include them and I can for higher points.

TK zombie dragon.jpg


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Oh that green blob on the night bringer I snapped that once it was tried painted it gold then put a small snake head next to it so it looked like a destroyed tomb king snake artifact haha.


just incase you saw it and thought ehh 🙂

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