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Battletomes and Codexes for sale.

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Probably not the most auspicious time to be getting rid fo this lot, but here are some Collectors editions battletomes for sale. Going up on here before they go up on the bay.

If you fancy more than one I'm sure we can reach an nice deal.  They've been opened and read once and that's it.

All prices include postage to UK addresses.  I will happily post abroad, but please ask for postage first.

Stormcast Eternals  £40 postage included

Nighthaunt £40 postage included

Fyreslayers £40 postage included

Slaves To Darkness £40 postage included

Beasts of Chaos £40 postage included

Kharadron Overlords £40 postage included

Sons of Behemat £40 postage included

Blades of Khorne £40 postage included


Malign Portents  £20 postage included

The loathsome Ratmen and their Kin  £15 postage included

Wrath of the everchosen £20 postage included




Grey knights £15 postage included

Imperial Knights Limited Edition £50 postage included

Space Marines Limited Edition £50 postage included

Index Imperium 1 and 2 £15 postage included


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