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Advice for Scale 75 paints


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I've got some of them - they're lovely paints to work with, really nice finish especially if you're doing display pieces.

Couple of things I've found.  Firstly you'll need to puncture the top of the bottle - don't just squeeze else you'll shoot the top out along with most of the paint!  I tend to use a drill but a sharp knife or other pointy tool will work.  Once punctured put the top back on and shake them for all your worth as you'll have a layer of acrylic medium on the top that needs to be mixed back in.

The paints are very thick - artist acrylic thick so need a lot of thinning down.  I tend to use Lahmian Medium, but equally any medium should work OK.

They mix nicely with Citadel and P3 paints.  I've got the flesh set and tend to use them for shading & highlighting from a base colour from Citadel.

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