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Bonesplitterz in different Realms


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I am not overly familiar with the AoS background, so hope somebody here can help me with the following:

  1. Is there a realm that is free of Orruks in general and Bonesplitterz in particular?
  2. What background is there on how each realm influences Bonesplitter tribes?
  3. Do you know of examples of realm-themed Bonesplitter armies?

On a related note: does either the old Bonesplitterz battletome or the current Orruk Warclan one go into any details concerning this topic?

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I'll try my best to answer from the Orruk Warclans book:

1. Azyr is mentioned as not having Ironjaws, in a section of Orruk Warclans (pg 10) in that Ironjaws have "conquered great swathes of all the realms, except Azyr". 

2. In the Bonesplitterz section in Orruk Warclans (pg 17) it talks about how the Bonesplitterz belive each realm has a great World Spirit and depending on the realm this influences the Bonesplitterz there. It specifically mentions the Krakkskulls of Ashqy paying ho mage to a great lava trillipede. 

3. There is some background in Orruk Warclans (pg 22) that talks about different clans from different realms, including the Drakkfoot which are from Ashqy and have their own rules/abilities. 


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