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Long time painter/collector new to gaming


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Hi everybody im harry but I like to go by the name howard hence geek_howard. Some of you may no me from my Instagram of the same name. Im a painter and collector of citadel miniatures of over 20 years (well actually it might be around 20 years this year...) but I've only ever played a handful of games. Now when I say a handful I literally mean a handful, 4 to be precise amd all of those were of 40k 4th  edition .... so I want to venture back into gaming and I've recently fell head over heels with aos being pretty much my main game now. Watching loads of battle reports and list building videos and lore videos. I really love the narrative and the looseness of the narrative for creating your own narratives within it and so thought why not join this online community so that I can discuss the game with real people instead of just playing it solo all the time. So thats a little bit about me and why I'm here. I hope to learn alot from everyone amd hope i can offer some help in return. 

Heres a picture of my Lord arcanum I painted last week  to give you some idea of what I've been up too.


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