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Narrative solo play campaign ideas?

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Hi everyone, im new here so forgive me if I've done this wrong.... so essentially I'm looking at ways to solo play a narrative campaign that is interesting and fun. But here's the catch it needs to be fun to watch too as I really want to make it into a YouTube series to start a channel. Why solo? Well to put it bluntly I've been collecting qge of sigmar and warhammer,40k, mesbg since 3rd edition 40k and yet I've only ever had 4 games amd those were all 40k.  The reason is i social anxiety. And also with the global pandemic it might be a good way for me to showcase ways to play for others too. So yes I will have to learn to play solo. But thats something I've already started on. For the campaign I have several armies to choose from stormcast sacrosanct chamber 2000 points (with cities of sigmar allies) nighthaunt 2000 points with lady o, and skaven 1500 points (had to take a break from painting clanrats 🤣)  of generic skaven including some moulder and pestilens units. Seriously and rules or narrative story ideas would be greatly appreciated. :) thanks in advance and nice to meet you all. 

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Sounds like a great idea! 😀
Narrative definitely needs more people showcasing the use of narrative rules.👍

If you need rules resources for Solo rules specifically, the Solo modes released by Games Workshop may be a good place to start:

It'd be awesome to see many of the narrative rules released so far, in General's Handbooks, implemented on the tabletop: the underground rules, the aerial battles, the streets of death, etc.

If you need more, we at the NEON website (https://wearetheneon.com/) have several links to rules packs used by Narrative Events throughout the years, and you can find even more rules supplements at the Tabletop Campaign repository (https://tcrepo.com/downloads/category/game-systems/age-of-sigmar/).
We're talking about rules for trading posts, monster hunters, monsters that grow in power, airships, and more!

If you are looking to get engaged with other players using Solo Play, though, Animosity Campaigns may also be what you are looking for.
It is a global narrative campaign, where players support their coalition by submitting hobby, writing, artwork, photo shoots or gaming reports, from the comfort of their home. Their submissions then build an over-arching story, which is updated every game turn (generally a week).
Due to the pandemic, last year during AnimosityII many players submitted Solo Games using their army, fighting battles set in the storyline.
The next Animosity campaign should be set to start this coming summer (there's many narrative players getting to know each other in the Animosity Discord channel).


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Thankyou so much for all the information there is so much useful stuff in there! I did see the solo play community articles and they look like a fantastic way to go. I would like to see how I can make them work on a larger scale qswell too add some variety. That said focusing around small games can be extremely thematic aswell. I am considering playing through the glymmsforge catacombs campaign to test the waters. Hopefully I'll get a taste for how it works and if I can bend it a little bit. 


Narrative play has always been my favourite option as a big fan of the lore I feel i really like to feel like I'm in the world as opposed to just commanding it, if that makes sense. 

I will for sure check out animosity campaigns aswell it sounds very interesting and something I've not come across before whilst  having Google.


Really appreciate the help 🙏 

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I had actually played the White Dwarf Rules (with my Battlereports here)

Was a quite nice way to play especially when interested in more narrative ways to play + you're not forced to play against the most broken stuff (if you doesn't role bad with the unit randomizer.

To add to the list above. There were also reactionrules for Flesh Eater Courts in the latest White Dwarf 462.

On 4/7/2021 at 5:16 PM, Geek_howard said:

I would like to see how I can make them work on a larger scale qswell too add some variety.

I think the main problem with larger scale could be stat the rules for soloplay are based on "moving to the next unit/targeting the next unit", so the way to bait the units and them blocking each other is higher with more units and a larger field. With the small scale and when moving first as a player, the enemy is most likely in charge range in round 1 when playing on a small board.

I don't know how the inofficial rules are, but if you don't only have destroy missions, their's a "move to the next objective" reaction missing.

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Ah I see, so probably won't work as is in the larger setting . I think I will still try it though for smaller games as it sounds really fun anyway. I was considering scalling it up to be played on 3x3 and maybe then it might work well with bigger units/more going on? The other option i considered was using a deck of playing cards and writing a set of actions for enemies to go with each card. Each turn you simply pul a card qnd use the chart to see what the enemy unit does. That would give 52 options for enemy actions (some basic ones repeated) 54 if you count two jokers aswell? I would be interested to see if anyone has done anything similar before? For solo play. Thankyour the link really, really helpful aswell 👍

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