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First ever list


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Hello everyone this is the list i've been messing around with to start out with cities, keep in my this is my first time list building and playing AOS so any constructive criticism would be welcome, or list suggestions:

Stronghold: Tempest Eye

Warscroll battalion: aetherguard windrunners


Freeguild general on griffon 320 points

Celestial Hurricanum w/ Celestial Battlemage 280 points

Battle mage 110 points


pistoliers x5 100 points

pistoliers x5 100 points

pistoliers x5 100 points

free guild guard  x20 (sword and shield) 160 points

Other units:

Grundstok Gunhauler 130 points

Grundstok Gunhauler 130 points

Freeguild greatswords x30 360 points

Total points: 1910/2000


I thought about dropping the free guild guard OR greatswords to buff up some of the pistoliers to 10x man units

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