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Tzeentch....Three Questions


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Pivoting my AoS focus back to finishing my Silver Tower set and expanding my Tzeentch force and three questions have come up.

1) In GHB17 matched points, it looks like all of tzeentch are in one disciples list now instead of split acolytes and daemons. So we can run both combined now? Hope so!

2) The kairic acolyte warscroll confuses me a little. It says some models can have paired blades, but I don't see a weapon option for that. Does it mean just use the blade statline...twice https://100001.onl/ https://1921681254.mx/ ? 

3) I really like the idea of a gaunt summoner tricking disciples of the other gods. For my three battleline units of 10 (1000pts) I want to run thirty acolytes. 10 are standard tzeentch kairic. 10 are khorne bloodreavers. And 10 slannesh daemonettes.  The plan is to us 'counts as' for the bloodreavers and daemonettes, so standard kairic acolyte warscrolls....however what would I say they're equipped with? The khorne guys generally have two weapons and the ladies have a pair of claws...so...paired blades across all 20?


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1.) Yes.

2.) Paired Blades use the same profile as single Blades - but there is a Bonus, mentioned on the warscroll (probably rerolls?) So double Hit ;)

3.) I guess... Or you could use bitz from the actual acolytes set to boost the models... There are alot of weapon Options in there.

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1. Yes as above

2. It’s due to the old silver tower boxed game. Some of the acolytes found in there had 2 blades. You are correct in noting that the new box set does not have them ... but feel free to convert as suggested above.

Per the warscroll “paired blades” allow you to reroll hit rolls 

3. Mileage  may very. If your avoiding big competitive tournaments and playing friends/local clubs than I’d say your good. In which case , yes, those models would be best represented by paired blades. I would try and Tzeentch up the models somehow. Add one or 2 “instigators” in the unit.


while paired blades are probably not the most “competitive” choice I would make sure you at least get a scroll in there. 1 per 10.


good luck and good gaming 

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