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Storytelling in Warcry - Untamed Beasts

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I wrote a short story based on a Warcry game my wife and I played, then I voiced it and made a video. I aimed at staying true to the Untamed Beasts fluff, so here goes.  (Their opponents are Slaanesh)

Storyteller's Battle Report


Here's the opening lines for anyone on the fence: 


Eight worlds exist to feed the Great Devourer. The Great Hunt exists to consume eight worlds. Thusly, existence ties together. Thusly, we have meaning – to hunt and be hunted.

At the center of the eight worlds is the knot that ties them together. At the center of the knot rules the Great Devourer. The center radiates. The hunt moves ever outward. We are outside, hunted. All things ride beside the Devourer or find themselves cornered, consumed. We can join him, we can prove ourselves to him.

As the Devourer hunts, so must we hunt. Only through the circle of predator and prey can we ever truly know him. The beasts of death and frenzy know him best. They live their lives as he does his. By mastering them, we gain his respect. Head inward, to the center. The carnivores are your waypoints. Each lesser devourer brings you closer to the Great One.

These were the words the prophets spoke around the fire, and young Kantret Quickclaw had drank them eargerly. He’d been 6 when he’d first tried to subdue a predator. Younger than most, had he succeeded. The weasel had bit his hand and slipped his grasp, but the baby Kantret hadn’t cried. He’d enjoyed it, even licking his hand to taste the blood, reveling in the sting he felt.

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