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From the Underdank of Norfolk I emerge! (And hello!)

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Hello everyone! I'm Evil Eye, who those with inclinations towards the 41st Millennium may recognize from the Bolter and Chainsword forums.

I've always loved wargaming and the assembly of tiny plastic men and monsters, but have confined myself to the grim darkness of the far future up until this point. However, no more shall this be so, for following a move to the Realm of Norfolk and discovering a very nice little FLGS in Norwich (The Games Table) with an active AoS scene, I have finally broken and decided to double my number of unpainted models by starting a force to conquer the Mortal Realms!

Well, at least in theory. I know a little of the lore thanks to copious time spent reading stuff on the internet and in WD, but I haven't actually started the project yet, or indeed bought any books or models yet. That will likely change soon, and I've decided on the faction I want to collect (Gloomspite Gitz, as I've always rather liked goblins/grots, especially when paired with spiders) but I am something of...OK, a complete newbie to Age of Sigmar, to the point I don't entirely know what books I need. Obviously I'll need the core rulebook and the Gloomspite Gitz Battletome, but do I need anything else? Coming from 40K with its veritable mountain of books, supplements and indices (not to mention annual adjustments) I suspect the answer will be "yes".

As a side note, I'm very much a casual/fluffy/"Garagehammer" player, with little interest in competitive/tourney style play, if that's of any use whatsoever.

Anyway, I look forward to posting here and meeting you all!

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For play in the long period, you need to buy the latest GH and Malign Sorcery. About the core rules, they should be fully available on the official AoS app.

Check regularly for the FAQ, and enjoy the gobbies! :)


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Thank you very much! I've acquired the rulebook (for the fluff and lack of battery as much as anything) and the GH. Alas, MS and the battletome weren't in stock but I should at least get the latter next week.

Also nabbed a Loonboss, who's (probably) going to be converted into the overall general of my force; Wurrklopz Deffgaze Badgoggla Da Third, a maniac who believes the Bad Moon is actually the eye of Gorkamorka and wants to build a tower to reach it so he can be witnessed in person (well, in grot!). Nice little mini, though the face that's almost entirely concealed beneath the helmet is odd. I'll be removing the helmet anyway and giving him some new headgear, but still, a weird choice.

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Keep an eye out for the mini-rulebook. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Age-Of-Sigmar-Gaming-Book-EN-2019

It's basically all the core rules, plus FAQ plus the malign sorcery bits. It's smaller and lighter than the Big Rule book, though of course contains none of the lore and artwork. Making it a very practical document to play with. Of course you can always print out the core rules off the GW website for free as well. 



I really should travel north (or south) more often, though honestly the maze that is Norwich is confusing and scary to those of us from a the simpler southlands below (which are, of course, far superior...... kinda.....)

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