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My Archaon C+C welcome


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Hello there! 

Just put the finishing touches on my Archaon and wanted to share. I started painting back in April with next to no experience and learnt mostly from the GWTV videos. I used the GWTV to paint this and I am fairly proud of the way it came out.








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15 hours ago, Shadowspite said:

That is fantastic work! To get that good in only four months shows you must have tremendous natural talent!

Ha! If you said that to my secondary school Art teacher I think he would start crying with laughter.

Honestly I just took my time and followed Duncan's instructions.


15 hours ago, Nico said:

Looking great.

Was this done Duncan style?

Yeah, I just followed the video. I swapped out some colors i didn't have but pretty much did what he said.

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Looking great man!

for critique I would first do the following:

1) take a photo with multiple sources of light defused by a thin paper and try get some more natural muted (cloudy) daylight to your model.

2) pick up a large sheet of white paper for backgrund instead of towel.

Retake the photos and submit them (if you want).

You seem to have done a fantastic job so far so if you want comments for further improvement you would need to take some better photos I think as the comments would regard detailing.

Well done so far! :)

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