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Demigryph Knights: Lances or Halberds?


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I recommend going to here: https://aos-statshammer.herokuapp.com/ and plugging in a few profiles to see the exact numbers.  As to which is better, it all depends on how you want to use them, whether or not they are getting any buffs, etc.

On its own, a demi with the halberd is a decent choice for a unit that is going to go and get stuck in, and stay in the fight.  If you want to take a unit because it looks cool and its a decent unit, then take it with the Halberd.

If you are supporting them though (ex. griffon, battalion, spells, etc) and you need a hammer that can bust through most of what ends up in front of it, take a squad of 6 with lances.  Without buffs, lances on the charge do ~40% more damage than halberds, and with buffs that just gets better.  However, once they aren't charging, they are about 20% worse than halberds.  Stick them in the battalion (or give them +1 to hit and wound from other effects - ex. griffon and warding brand (hallowheart spell)) and you get a unit that can do double the damage of the halberd unbuffed - a unit of 6 can put out ~32 wounds on average to a 5+ save.

From playing against them, I will say that you are going to need to be very careful in your manuvering.  If your opponent can catch you before you charge, the demi'****** like wet noodles.  If you get the charge off, you are going to erase just about anything you hit.  If you don't feel that you are up for that sort of maneuvering, then get the halberds and just be glad at whatever they happen to hit.

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