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I built a lightweight AoS news filter to make it easier for everyone to obsessively overanalyze leaks and release cycles


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Hi everyone, long time lurker here!

As someone who's relatively new to Warhammer, I like how in addition to the painting, speculating on every scrap of info from GW about future releases can be a second hobby in itself. People here -- especially on the Rumor Thread -- know a lot more than me about release cycles (e.g. that Feast of Bones was the first time a brand new faction was released in a battle box), so over the past week I built a barebones way for myself to easily filter and view chronologically all AoS news.


None of this is new info (in fact, I compiled a lot of this by crawling through the Rumor Thread). but the tags and filters make it easier to answer some fun questions very quickly:

  1. How long did it take for the Infernal Enrapturess to go from battle box exclusive to individual release? (Answer: Dec 15 - Apr 27.)

  2. How many times did GW's release schedule leak in 2019 due to shipping manifests? (Answer: 3 times.)

  3. How many Made To Order runs came in 2018? (Answer: 5.)

  4. How many 2ed battletomes have been released for each Grand Alliance up to date? (Answer: 14 since Soul Wars.)

  5. How long did it take for the Ossiarch Bonereapers to go from first rumor engine to teaser to reveal and final release? (Answer: Apr 23 - Nov 3.)

I also liked turning back time and looking at old release cycles I wasn't here for (e.g. Malign Portents or Kharadron Overlords) -- not just what eventually came out, but what we knew when and all the speculation that happened in between.

Hope you find this as fun to scan as I do. If anybody finds any errors in the data and wants to help fill some of the gaps (especially 2015-2016) or volunteer for data entry going forward, let me know!

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