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In the grymwatch expansion a number of cards make your warriors 'quarry'.

Can anyone tell me what this is? It is not listed in the keywords section in the rulebook.

Is it just a kind of category of warriors which gives certain cards certain (dis)advantages? Or does it also have some meaning? Like f.or instance 'a quarry warrior can never be the target of an a magic gambit' ?



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It's a keyword that a few cards can give to enemies which effects fighters with the hunter keyword, usually as you said giving them an advantage by allowing them to do certain things with the right card such as the upgrade Predatory Instinct letting the fighter re-roll one attack dice or Eye of Kurnoth giving ensnare. So far there haven't been any fighters with Quarry on their card by default or cards that give fighters an advantage while they are a quarry so for now it's just a negative status that can be put on enemy fighters, whether that remains the case we'll have to wait and see. That said my money would be on the Mawtribes/BCR warband having it on any gnoblars if they have them and there being a few universal cards that can be used to give Quarries an advantage but who knows.

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