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  1. Personally I think it's more likely that they would have made the "light aelves" together with Teclis giving Tyrion a hand so the mistakes he made with the Idoneth won't be repeated by Tyrion with these new aelves. I also actually do think Teclis will gather some or even all of the scattered aelves to form a new faction, lore wise it makes sense since he originally made the Penumbral Engines to spread knowledge/enlightenment so guiding/leading the remnants of the old elf races does fit with something he would do in my mind. This is exactly what I think happened, they didn't want a repeat of what's happening with the Sylvaneth so they called it off.
  2. It could have been both of them working together, they were allies at one point weren't they?
  3. I'm not too sure about that, as much as I'd be on board for it being Soulblight it could just as easily be a completely new faction without current AoS rules. There's a reason they didn't show the third death factions icon and I think it's because however it looks will spoil what faction it will be, could be Soulblight, Deathrattle, Deadwalkers or even some kind of weird Deathmages faction (that could be interesting) but if we saw an icon from any of those they would probably be easy to identify (maybe not Deathmages though). My guess is not too long after Forbidden Power has been released they'll reveal the new death faction which will definitely be out before we get a release date for Warcry so they can keep that day 1 support statement. Exciting times that's for sure.
  4. Yep, in the novella Heart of Winter the black ark in it is build into a giant tentacled sea creature as well. Wouldn't be much of a stretch to put a Cthulhu spin on them.
  5. Scourge Privateers could fit that bill with a little lore changes/fleshing out.
  6. The Nurgle tome was 2.0 ready so we can probably strike that from the list, although they might revisit it later to add some endless spells and a character but as far as I know they're in an alright place at the moment. Actual plastic Chaos Dwarves would be amazing but I don't see it coming any time soon if ever, but I would be seriously tempted to spend ridiculous amount of money on them if they did. STD/Everchosen (I've got a feeling Darkoath is going to be the new name for the combined factions but who knows) and Tzeentch are the best bet.
  7. This is my guess. I reckon they'll draw it out until they've revealed the models for the last chaos warband then they'll start doing rules and tactics for each warband including the 9 non chaos ones and then we'll finally see it up for pre-order. It'll probably be done similarly to the Kill Team release.
  8. New rumour engine, can't be sure but it might be some kind of chest plate I reckon. It's a really weird design if it is though.
  9. I'm not too sure about it being aelf soup, it does say he's amassing an army from the martial orders in the realm of light as well as gathering spirits to bolster the army which at least in my mind leads me to believe it's going to be completely new drawing from the aelves he and Tyrion created with their portion of the souls. I do think it would be pretty sweet to have another god tier character to go with the others not gonna lie.
  10. LET THE FIRES BURN! For real though I'd be all over that, I would be a little disappointed if she was on a zombie horse instead of that sweet palanquin held up by zombies with her zombie dogs sitting next to her. Plus it'd mean new zombies would be coming to feast on the remains of the old ones.
  11. That would be a refreshing breath of fresh air if Stormcast weren't in the starter and it would make sense to have death as the other half of the box, there's really only a couple options for what faction the death side could be based off what we have atm so unless they're going to include whatever the new death faction will be for AoS it could be either soulblight, Flesh-Eater Courts or a Deathmages/Deadwalkers warband all of which could be very interesting.
  12. I've got to say so far this new snake warband is my favourite, I really like the hoplite look with the scaled clothing and the aelf looks great, the dude with the snake I'm not too sure about but I imagine I'd like it a lot better if I was looking at it irl. I'm really looking forward to seeing what the other warbands are going to be like and finding out what realm they're from, really hope we see the warband with the eye icon next since I have no idea what the theme behind them could be.
  13. That is unless they have something in the pipeline for them before or shortly after they're release in the new season like they did with Zarbag's Gitz, that said it could just as easily be for Tyrion's aelves. I think it's more likely the lion is for them, the colours they given it seem to fit with the images of Hysh as well as the prismatic palisade which says Tyrion/light aelves to me more than wood elves, I'd expect the lion to have more natural or earthy colours to it than bright yellows but you never know. I mean they could even blindside us with a completely new unknown faction really.
  14. Yeah honestly I'm kinda hoping they do that as well, I mean the easier option is to just port the warscrolls over as is but then why bring in some of the devs for Warhammer Underworlds or Black Stone Fortress unless there's going to be a complete overhaul of rules right.
  15. I believe that's the city in Heart of Winter and not War Queen actually but that's an easy mistake to make I think, especially if you're reading them back to back. That novella does a really good job of describing what the locations looks like in it, the Black Ark was pretty nicely detailed as well.
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