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  1. I'm thinking it and a few of the more recent rumour engines might be for a Flesh Eater Courts expansion or new premade warband box for Warcry similar to the Khanite Aelves. That said I still hope it's a Soulblight or Deadwalkers release, I'm dying for some vampires and zombies.
  2. He has 16 wounds and and from the look of it a scaling profile which means he has the monster keyword, which honestly makes sense since there's a huge monster on his base. He ain't getting "look out sir" and with a 4+ save I don't think he'll be that difficult to deal with. Tbh the only thing I see that could be a hard to deal with is his spellcasting, which I think is fitting considering magic is his whole shtick.
  3. To be fair all of the 40k stuff they're releasing was probably slated to release before Lumineth and Sons. Seems like the releases are coming quick though as they try to catch up.
  4. I'm sorry where are we getting these points costs from? I haven't heard anything about them, or anything about their rules other than what's been released by GW themselves..
  5. Considering they're releasing a new edition for 40k I can't say I'm surprised as they'd want to build hype for that, they did the same thing when the new edition of AoS came out. It'll be our time again after it's released, until then I reckon we'll see those last WHU warbands sprinkled about and maybe that Lumineth box they showed off a while back.
  6. So far, I believe it's only a matter of time before we see them in warcry in some fashion which is where I think we'll get the first new models for them. Personally I reckon we'll see them as a warband box similar to these new aelves possibly themed around them being a rag-tag mercenary unit made of humans, aelves and duardin either from one or a number of different realms or maybe spec ops from a specific city (probably Hammerhal) so that these brave men and women venturing into the heart of chaos makes sense (either seeking riches or being duty bound). They are so ingrained in the lore that I sincerely doubt they will ever get rid of them plus sometimes it's cool just playing regular dudes instead of demi-gods or bloodthirsty aelves, I mean look at how popular the Imperial Guard/Astra Militarum are in 40k.
  7. jeeze whatever that was was taken down quick, so was it actually 9th edition or just a bunch of models?
  8. Weird how they reduced the price of the Megaboss on foot but and didn't increase the price on some units while they did to the vast majority.
  9. I'm just sitting here wondering how much we're going to be screwed over here in Australia and New Zealand, last time the already on the pricey side start collecting boxes got a raise between 10 and 25 AUD. Not one of these units needs a price hike, the Lord-Celestant on Stardrake is already $240 for crying out loud. I guess I'd better buy Skragrott while he's "cheap" then.
  10. Nothing so far from what I've heard but here's hoping. As for model releases I'm hoping for at least an Eshin themed Warcry warband, I just want some cool ninja rat sculpts that I can use to replace night and gutter runners.
  11. I completely understand you wanting to distance yourself from GW if you're not digging the majority of the models. But to be fair their models were never meant for DnD or Frostgrave since they're specifically designed to be used in their own systems, that said though some of them are great for it and I've used a few in DnD before, mostly 32mm for characters since we like them a little bigger so they stand out more when we're using minis.
  12. I totally forgot about the golems, now that is an army I'd want to collect.
  13. I guess you could add Gitmob Grots to the list going off the wolf rider WHU warband since they don't fit aesthetically and don't worship the moon like the rest of the Gloomspite Gitz do as well. I can't think of anything else off the top of my head other than Malerion's Aelves eventually.
  14. You know what you've sold me, I'm completely in the camp of it being for a soulblight model now and really hope it actually turns out to be for them. Been waiting to long for an actual vampire army. Oh damn that's actually kind of cool that they reforged him. I mean it could always be some other dude with dark skin but I like the idea and the pose is just way too similar for it not to be.
  15. Looks like this sword either has a thorny vine wrapped around the cross-guard or some kind of ornamentation made to look like it which makes me think it's got a Wanderers feel to it but it could also be soulblight if they're sticking with the gothic look as I could see it fitting there too. Either way I think it'll be from a warcry model.
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