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  1. Ghoul? All I see are noble knights ready to defend the realm from the vile taint of Shadespire. Truly this is a warband the likes of which we have never seen. For real though I'm going to be really disappointed if they don't play into the delusions when it comes to the characters and faction specific card names. I wonder if they'll have a wizard, the bearded one which I'm assuming is the leader looks like it could be using a staff so maybe? Doesn't look like a vampire though so maybe it's a new unit similar to the wizard in the Sylvaneth warband if it is actually a wizard.
  2. Look, we all knew the rest of the space marine supplements were coming and sure some of us might not be interested and/or think "oh great more space marines" but surely we can all agree that the new Salamanders Primaris Hero is glorious. Anyway moving swiftly back to AoS, when do we actually think we'll see the CoS and/or Orruk Clans battletomes go up for preorder? I was thinking/hoping we'll see at least one of them go up next week after Beastgrave is released personally.
  3. My guess is friends on the inside and said friend being a little bit naughty. Or something along those lines. Whatever the case it definitely seems like they will be combining design elements from both Gutbusters and BCR for Mawtribe models in the future.
  4. There was also a card with what looked like a Bonesplitter orruk (mixed with a bit of Ironjawz from the metal bits in it's jaw) which makes me think they might be releasing a combined Orruk Warclans warband instead of two separate ones for each faction. Which I think will be really interesting if that is what they actually do.
  5. They look like the 60mmx35mm ones to me, which is the smallest ones available I believe. They also fit pretty close to the hexes on the Nightvault board with only a tiny bit of overhang.
  6. You can use the models in AoS meaning that it is actually a release for AoS as well, it's just not what you wanted. Comparing Warcry to Aeronautica in this way makes no sense.
  7. Right, that makes me thing that one of the units we haven't seen are going to have shooting of some kind. Like you said I think Stalkers or maybe even these new more elite looking infantry could have an alt build with bows. Cav with bows could be possible as well now that I think about it, it would make that link to the mongolians a bit stronger that's for sure.
  8. I'm feeling really good about my impulse buy of Nagash a few months ago now that I've seen him in there. For me this army looks amazing, can't wait to see the rest.
  9. It's early days since we don't have a bigger picture but I'm calling it,this rumour engine is the tails of this heroes mount just stuck together in a different configuration.
  10. Pauldrons being the same colour as their shield is a given, I mean the entire army is based off the Morghast who have the same thing. They definitely do have a bit of a stormcast feel to them but I think how they hold their shields and weapons as well as being made of organic bone structures helps differentiate them enough. My guess is they'll probably be very similar both in physical and unit size to liberators/sequitors. Now the real interesting thing in this picture is the guy with the sarcophagus, looks like a bunch of skeletons or maybe people holding those big plates of bones going into that pyramid on the back of it. Might be a depiction of their creation or something so my guess is that this character is some kind of priest. Or he's just the guy going around giving people their letter of notice that they're overdue on their tithe payment. Could be both really.
  11. I'm pretty sure that's the kind of feel they were going for and if it is they nailed it. I'm really curious about his rules, I have a feeling he'll be an absolute beast on the battlefield.
  12. If I'm remembering it right in the Warhammer Weekly show today Vince said someone asked about that during the Q&A and the answer was very very soon, so probably in a week or two. Three tops. Mawtribes/Ogres was also confirmed to be getting a battletome accidentally.
  13. I don't think we're going to be getting a model of it, It seems more like it's as JPjr said and it's a cosmic level entity of some kind (maybe another god?) with the Ossiarch Bonereapers worshiping it or are associated with it somehow as you can see a depiction of it on Katakros's shield. We probably won't see an actual full image of it until the battletome drops.
  14. I'm going to respectfully disagree with you here, personally I think they look great and I don't really understand all these comparisons to necrons. If anything I would argue they have more in common with Nagash, the morghast, the mortarch's mounts and even the old tomb kings from what we've seen than necrons. But to each their own. That said I do hope Legions of Nagash/Deathrattle actually get new sculpts and units in the future, those sepulchral guard are pretty awesome.
  15. Wait a minute I just realised these really are Deathcast. "These are not risen warriors or malignant spirits – they are bespoke war-constructs forged from harvested bone and gifted the soul animus of great warriors and heroes." Basically Stormcast who've died to many times and been reforged but with more souls stuffed into them. I mean I'm totally on board (and will need to be selling a kidney soon to pay for these) but damn I thought that was just a joke.
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