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  1. I don't think the eels are going to be that much of an issue, from what we've seen from the Iron Golems they don't have the same statline as they would in AoS. For sure they will be powerful but I think the points cost will balance them out, my guess is you'll only be able to have two or three depending on if they're Ishlean or Morrsar in a 1000pt game since they've said that a single box will usually give you enough points for it. Depending on the how the battleplans play out I think we'll be more likely to see mixed lists with maybe one eel as probably the leader and a bunch of namarti.
  2. Well if that is real I'm very happy that I can play with the units I own for Nighthaunt, Gloomspite and Idoneth.
  3. Personally I don't think it's phrased nastily, it's obviously supposed to be a joke (albeit one that falls flat with me tbh). I honestly wouldn't worry about it.
  4. This. No ones's going to give two ****** what faction someone's playing as long as they're playing the game and it's legal anyways
  5. It probably has something to do with the toughness characteristic, at least that's just what I assumed.
  6. This is completely the opposite from how people in my area feel, we're all really excited for it and can't wait until it's in our hands. On the topic of the models customisation I wonder if the warbands you buy separate from the starter set will have more options, Considering almost every starter box GW has put out for the AoS and 40k have monopose models with little to no options I wouldn't put it past them but I guess we won't really know until we see the sprews for the Cypher Lords.
  7. If it is £100 then it'll probably be $280 AUD (going off the prices of Archaon as a reference) which is a little steep but considering what's actually in the box I guess it isn't that bad, still I was hoping for a $250 AUD box but ya can't win them all.
  8. With great difficulty I'd say, but seriously I can really only think of three options as to how it does all that. It's probably in a position of power where it would have slaves or loyal tribesmen/family that would assist with that, it's got a completely different set of prosthetics for everyday use and this is just it's war gear that it get's changed into with the help of slaves/servants or it's far along along the path to glory that it no longer needs to eat, drink, sleep or go to the toilet. I think the later isn't the case though, these warbands don't really look like they're that far along, or if they do have any gifts they're really subtle.
  9. In the article above the pictures of all the warbands there is a sentence that says "With that, the first six Chaos Warbands for the game are revealed! To recap – here’s all of them so far…" that's where the talk of chaos comes from
  10. My guess is that "the first six Chaos warbands" means there will be another four god specific ones and maybe a fifth that will be the Aqshy warband (although really they could just say the Khorne one is from there). My hope is that they are actually making warcry specific models for each of the non-chaos warbands but they just won't be released for a while, they could even do it in waves where one warband for each grand alliance's factions gets a set. Probably won't happen but that's what I'd do.
  11. There's probably some designer/s out there that would be very happy to hear that statement. I have a feeling I'm going to have quite a few warbands for this, there's something I like about all of the sculpts. I'll probably start with whatever's in the starter set and branch out from there, probably with either Cypher Lords or The Unmade.
  12. Nice catch, I wonder if that means they are actually doing sets for the non-chaos warbands too. Just not right away.
  13. Love the headdresses, just going off looks I think I've found my warband.
  14. Article says there'll be a preorder preview later today as well.
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