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  1. Couldn't agree more, I've been wanting plastic Chaos Dwarves for years. That said I reckon it's probably got something to do with Sons of Behemat, looks a bit like the face of a Mangler Squig that's been flattened and I'm assuming stretched over a shield or armour of some kind.
  2. Swords for minimum size units otherwise it's better to use spears so you can get more attacks in imo.
  3. This is artwork from the old KO battletome, they could have had SoB planned way back then (although I doubt they did) but I really think this is just the artist taking some artistic license with the aleguzzler.
  4. If I'm remembering right every daemon is like a fragment of their respective god so Chaos kind of already does, that said there's probably some lore reason why they can't materialise fully in the mortal realms. A Gorkamorka model/s would be absolutely badass and I would buy that in an instant.
  5. I actually agree with you, my thinking is that Aleguzzlers could be essentially the lowest class of gargant or gargants that have been exiled for whatever reason.
  6. Dirtnaps

    15 New Warbands

    They're mentioned in the description, the cards don't seem to have all the units on them.
  7. Man waiting to see if anything comes of Sons of Behemat is going to be really hard after seeing these new aelves, they look absolutely gorgeous.
  8. Oh wow, that is a really nice looking model
  9. For me it's the same as being excited about Hysh aelves when all we have is part of a silhouette, I love high elves but I have a soft spot for giant models. Hell it's the same reasons I play Chaos Knights in 40k. At least we know what one of the models looks like if they actually do include Aleguzzlers in the army.
  10. Not gonna lie, I was real excited for Teclis and his new aelves but with the news of the Sons of Behemat being an actual thing pretty much all enthusiasm I had for them has been replaced by gargants. I honestly never thought they'd actually do it.
  11. Yes! Give me my ridiculous but very cool gargant faction GW.
  12. Or even just a plastic Wurrgog Prophet, Maniak Weirdnob or Savage Bigboss really. With they amount of movement a lot of the new sculpts have they could look phenomenal.
  13. White Lions, Dragons, cav, swordmaster-esk infantry, Loremaster-esk hero/pretty decent wizard of some kind and even though I don't think it'll happen because of lore reasons Tyrion. Actually looking at what I've written I think I just want Eldritch Council back but with a bunch of cool new units to flesh them out more.
  14. Yep, currently for Nighthaunt and Gloomspite there will be at least one new fighter we can use in warbands, my guess is that other warbands might also get a new fighter as well but that said I don't think all of them will. It'll be interesting to see if we need to buy the new boxes for these new fighter cards or if they'll make them available online in the same way warscrolls are but who knows.
  15. They do at least in some way, it isn't explained how but the Seraphon campaign in Warcry has you seeking out some of their technology which shouldn't really exist if they didn't unless the Slann left it there. The text makes it seem like the Slann your warband is dispatched by didn't know about it until it "received a vision" though so who knows. I feel like there is going to be some pretty hefty lore reworks in the new battletome.
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