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Brand New- Need ratly advice


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Oh powerful clanlords,  

Long time fan of Skaven and new AoS player.  Facing a Nurgle demon opponent in a LOW pt game (780). We agreed to only play what we have painted, and his limit is 780.

He runs mainly stacks of nurglings, plaguebearers, and some of those plague drones, backed up with morbidex. No nurgle trees.

My list so far:

Bombadier- 100

Stormfiends x6- 520 (warpfire x2, doomflayer x2, ratling cannon x2)

Ratling gun x2- 120

Vermintide spell- 40

Total = 780

I have access to gnawholes too.


1) Should I separate the stormfiends into 3 x 2 to try and cover more ground for objectives, or should I swap out a unit for some acolytes to grab objectives.  My current list revolves around trying to wipe him off the board and not let objectives be a big deal. 

2) Are warpfire projectors better at dealing with stacks of nurglins and plaguebearers due to auto mortal wounds, or should I go windlaunchers due to range and rend?

3) Is there any general advice you have to defeat this type of opponent?

Glory to the horned rat! yes yes

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Welcome-welcome very suspicious agent of arkhan, welcome to the under-empire, where the skaven rule and the Hated Storm-things bleed-die.

you’re list seems ok, or better said good for a fun game of almost 800points of aos.

Taking the stormfiends in two units of three will allow you to take controls of the objective better, although Clanrats would do a much better job at it.

should consider taking your stormfiend in a singel unit of 6with the buffs from mmmwp, vigordust injector and warpstonespark, there won’t be much, standing after the Stormfiends have found their target.

As for their equipmetn I found Warpfire projector a need chaff cleaner, but started using the globe mortar more, and more since hero, sniping will be much-much easier with them.

(especially if you don't have anything else.)

as for advice: go out there have fun with your list, try defeating your opponent, and last but not least have fun.

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I updated the list to be able to play objectives a little better I think.  

Bombadier - 100

Skritch Spiteclaw- 140

-Stormfiends- 260 (with mortar launchers, forgot that nurglings are units with 3 models, not 10+)

-clanrats x20- 120

-Spiteclaws swarm- 0 (objective grabbers)

-Ratling gun x 2- 120

-Vermintide- 40

Total = 780

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