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Path to Glory - Pitched Battle Profile Edition


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Hi guys,

I know that there are at least 2-3 other fanmade Path to Glory versions, where most of them use tables that needed to be refined when points are changed (which is one of the problems the original game is lacking.

I just made a version that determines the number of follower slots a champion has and the number of follower slots a unit needs by using the point values of the Pitched Battle Profiles.

This first version here Path to Glory Pitched Battle Edition 1.0 has mostly the structure of the original ruleset but it can be restructures later, so that it would more look like the Pitched Battle ruleset or the Skirmish Ruleset from White Dwarf.

The rules actually include the use of parts of the Allegiance Abilities (most likely Battletraits, Spells and Prayers), one thing that was never really mentioned in the original rules.

One thing I have to do later is most likely to add some of the Champion and Follower Reward Tables that were only in the path to glory book or find another way of Reward.

After there are no specified tables the random unit selection is gone too at the moment, and the win condition for adding 5 addtional followers as well (because the game would most likely be over after 6 rounds or everyone is taking a unit everytime).

What do you think, where are points that need additional fixing or could this version work without having to much refinement when Points are changed.

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