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Travels in Lost Velorum


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We have played a few games of Warcry while we are between campaigns. The others in my group have played a lot more than me and this was my first using the Bonesplitterz rules as a stand-ins for my Pirate Orruks.

The Rotmoons
Morrboy Boss: Kapitan Alunzo da Leeva
Morrboy with Bone Totem: El Doctoro the Shaman

5 Morrboys:
Bortagno (Big Orruk with a ruff collar)
Dragante (Bigger Orruk in a morion helmet)
Percy Percy (with tall hat)
Bold Rikk (with mop cap)
Mildew the Wench

Savage Arrow Boy:
Geedo Forks the Ship’s Gunner

Battleplan Cards: Battle Lines / Blunt / Arcane Inscriptions.


~ 🕱 ~

Palm trees waved gently in the hot winds that blew through the haunted ruins of Lost Velorum. Kapitan Alunzo and the Rotmoons were up to their old tricks of searching for treasure in the abandoned places of the Mortal Realms.

Fate and (ill?) luck had brought them to the Eightpoints but they were determined to make the best of it. Their sky-ship had run aground in the Skullpike Mountains but it was not badly damaged (for once!), the Kapitan had left most of his crew repairing it and taken a small group to have a look around.


When they found the ruined city the Kapitan's eyes gleamed with piratical glee - there was bound to be loads of loot in a ruined city. Mildew, Dragante and Percy Percy all found some likely loot almost straight away, but they also found a band of Ironjawz, led by a huge orruk called Badruk ‘Eadsplitta, who wanted to take it off them! His gnarled face split into a toothy grin as the Kapitan he barked orders for the rest of his party to defend the crew carrying their find.


Mildew took cover in a ruin but Badruk appeared out of nowhere!


El Doctoro the shaman ran to help Mildew as another Ironjawz Ardboy charged across the parched earth, into the crumbling building.


The Kaptain stepped up to face the ironbound hulks.


Dragante hustled Percy Percy into the columned circle. They both eye'd the weird glowing runes cautiously. Geedo took aim with his blunderbuss.


But while he was focused on more distant targets, one of the Ironjawz slipped past him.


Bortagno strode onto the fragile bridge overhead and drew his kutlass with an ostentatious twirl. Calling out taunts and challenges and insults at the two Ironjawz at the other end.


The Kaptain brought the huge choppa armed Ardboy down, aided by the shaman's sorcerous powers.


Badruk and another of his mates got ready to charge again.


The Orruk pirates regrouped in the stone circle.


And pooled all their kunnin' as they tried to use the columns to their advantage, to minimise the number of Ironjawz that could get to them.


Badruk exchanged blows with the Arboy on the bridge!


The Kaptain got fed up with the Ardboyz putting pressure on Dragante...


...and finished him off.


Percy Percy found himself  alone and tried to extract himself.


Geedo fell after a short fight.


Bortagno laughed with dark glee as he finally got the upper-hand and forced the Ardboy backwards with a flurry of viciously-aimed kutlass blows!

~ 🕱 ~

This was Viktor's Ironjawz (Badruk's Boyz) vs. my "Bonesplitterz" (The Rotmoons). I am really pleased with the way Bonesplitterz rules worked as pirate orruks. The Boss, Shaman and Gunner work really well with their stand-in cards' abilities nicely representing them, and Morrboyz make perfectly good "assorted orruk pirates".

After getting caught on my back-foot by an incredibly well executed Waaagh! that brought most of his warband into my half of the board in the first turn, I just about managed to scrabble together a solid enough defence to keep 2 of the 3 orruks in my "shield" alive and score a win.

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