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USA: H: Daughters of Khaine W: $$$, Sylvaneth (Buyer Found!)

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NOTE: Buyer Found!


Pictures included at the bottom of the post.

So, I have an army of Daughters of Khaine that is 100% assembled and 95% Unpainted, there's 1 witch aelf, 1 Blood Stalker, 1 Medusae, and Morathi that have some paint on them in various stages. The Shadow Queen aspect of Morathi is primed in white and layered completely with ulthuan grey. Just giving a heads up that these models will need / might need to be stripped depending on your preference.

Slaughter Queen was built on separate base that I just put on top of the Cauldron of Blood. You can take her off the base and place her on it or keep using her on foot. 

The actual size of this army exceeds 2000 without issue. I've ran the numbers and the army value is EXPENSIVE!!! But,  fortunately for the Wallet Gods, I'm looking for $500 for the whole lot. I'm also willing to make a trade for Sylvaneth for the same monetary value, preferably unpainted, doesn't matter if assembled or not, just package securely and I'll do the same on my end :).  


If anyone from the U.S.A. is interested, please let me know. Appreciate anyone coming to take a look at this thread.


50x Witch Aelves w/ Knife and Bladed Bucklers

30x Sisters of Slaughter w/ Barbed Whips and Bladed Bucklers

15x Melusai Blood Sisters
5x Melusai Blood Stalkers
1x Cauldron of Blood w/ Shrine guard, no Hag or Slaughter Queen
1x Slaughter Queen on foot
1x Bloodwrack Medusae
5x Khinerai un-assembled, on spure (Without instruction manual)
5x Khinerai Heartrenders, assembled, partially primed, need to be stripped
1x Morathi, Shadow Queen, assembled, primed white
1x Morathi High Oracle of Khaine, assembled, partially painted
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