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Garden of Morr vs Corpsewrack Mausoleum


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     Hey all, I’m digging in my mausoleum terrain box and the number of sprues seems... a bit odd. Can someone else with this kit confirm if they have the same sprues and quantities as what I received AND someone with the Sigmarite Mausoleum/Garden of Morr let me know if something is missing in comparison?

     What I received:

(4) Building Sprues to build Mausoleums 

(1) Gate Sprue with cemetery walls

(1) Floor Sprue with the Statue of Morr 

     Is this correct or should I have two of the statue and/or gate sprues? If this is what the kit should’ve come with then I’m fine but just want to confirm.

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     Ok that makes me feel better then. I don’t mind the set having a little less than the actual terrain set itself as long as my specific box isn’t missing anything it suppose to have. I know GW is good about correcting things but if you buy a box and don’t open it right away (as I’m prone to do) that leaves you (me) up a creak at times. 

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     Hey all, have another question but see no reason to start a new thread... I just got in my second set of the terrain from the starter set which I intend to intermix with the Azyrite Ruins and Townscape kits to (hopefully) build some three story buildings to play on.

     What I’m needing to know is from people who already own the other two kits: comparing the Desolated Township Ravaged Lands set against the two Azyrite sets what appears to be the difference in the sprues from the photos? I remember a lot of people saying the townscape did not come with the sprues to actually make everything in the photos. I’m trying to determine if I want to order one of each (Azyrite) kit or just get two of the Ravaged Lands sets to play around with (I’m getting one for certain to build according to the cards).

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