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  1. Nevar

    Death Wishlisting

    Yeah they are super fun, and like I said, can be lethal. The debate is just about what needs nerfing/buffing, and if zombies could get a point reduction or something they could compete with Grims or Skeletons or maybe even Direwolves in people's list building. As they are now, they are a 'maybe it would be fun' unit. My first 'list' I built for AoS, was back when you could combine any number of zombies. Blobbing hundreds of zombies into one massive horde with a half dozen necromancers/heroes to support them would have been fun. Unfortunately they 'nerfed' that ability before I managed to collect and paint all 120 zombies.
  2. Nevar

    Death Wishlisting

    I understand the idea that Chainrasps and Grims will get a point increase... but it seems to me more of a side effect of the other death options being weak that causes us to see nothing but Grims in top lists. If they were to 'buff' grave guard, that could easily change the unit selection we see there. Likewise, if it is the 'bring back a whole unit' part that makes them OP, then only LoN would need some modifications. I don't play at top tables, but most people are aware that the top tables in the hobby have a 'meta' all their own. Down here in the regular man's trenches everyone I know who had picked up Nighthaunt with the release of Soul Wars has long since forsaken Nagash's Will. Many tried to swap over to LoN, but all eventually sold their Death and went back to Chaos or Order. I think a couple jumped on the Orruk/Gloomspite trains. I am the only Death player in my local area that I know of, and while I will hear complaints from time to time using the online rankings as sources that Death is OP, those complaints only pop up when an opponent loses a game. In my opinion, the way Death overall 'plays' is interesting, fun, and varied... it is unit selection that stagnates mainly because a lot of our units fall into the 'not so great' grab bag of options no one will take. People mention zombies multiple times here. No one in their right mind even considers filling their BL with zombies. Their profile is not THAT terrible, and with enough buffs they can be lethal. The problem is, for their points pretty much everything outclasses them. I think the 'death problem' can be solved with some serious points adjustments, and I do not think Nighthaunt units really need any increases. If it truly was just a Grimghast Problem... then we would see Nighthaunt -somewhere- in the leaderboards, especially when we spooks can take the Grims as our battleline.
  3. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    As well as an arcane bolt without 'wasting' a more important caster's spell. I agree Mystic Shield is 90% of the time a better call, but with her shooting attack in addition she can very likely reach out and finish off buffing characters that are just out of melee range of the front line. For instance those Guardian of Souls who are sitting just a little back giving out +1 to wound. Her chainrasps are also perfect home field objective campers.
  4. Nevar

    Nighthaunt: The Garrison of Nacht'Tor

    Welp, I have been away for a long bit here in my paint log. A lot has been painted, so I figured I would post some here. For now, I am finishing the models needed for my upcoming Path to Glory. Character conversions are limited to the sword wielding Lord Executioner who is a former 'village constable' who can tether in and lead the swirling spirit hosts made up of the lost villagers from the Dutchy of Holsstok. He is not a named character in my procession, I imagine there would be one in most villages, and he would have been lawman and executioner when need arose. The Spirit Guardian represents one of the many mages in the service of the Duke, again not a named character and there would be dozens haunting the fallen dutchy. The Spirit Torment is much the same as the other two, nameless jailers who helped the constables maintain order in the hay day of the dutchy, now they haunt the ruins of the realm capturing the souls of those who expire in the blighted dutchy. These models represent the souls of the 'civilians' of the former dutchy.
  5. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I don't think prohibiting the Grims in LoN is a good way to solve the problem, likewise a point increase would make them overshadowed by Bladegeists completely. TBH I don't actually think they are as much of a problem as people give them all their hubbub over. Maybe a point reduction and a removal of their rend would help. That could let GraveGuard step into the role, especially if GraveGuard got a points reduction as well. Grims are a battleline for Nighthaunt, and when they are basically just as good in many ways as our 'elite' Bladegeists there is more of an argument of a lack clear role position for the Grims. When they are basically just amazing all around, it is hard to justify any other unit. At the same time I do not think they are particularly cheap or overly good at anything. It is just that they are good enough at most things for a good price, and the other options around are not different enough from them.
  6. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    The small cheap unit size to fill a BL slot is why I think that is not too much of an ask, 180 pts for all three BL slots filled with excellent hero/arty hunters makes a lot of other cool units to fill out your list.
  7. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    I would be willing to pay the current price with current stats and no changes for Glaivewraith battleline. Their largest downside is they compete with much better units. If they were BL I could even consider throwing their battalion on the table without much hesitation. As they are, my question to myself is always, "Why not Bladegeists?" "Why not Hexwraiths?" "Why not a Cairn Wraith?"
  8. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    They could literally just make Glaivewriaths battle line and i would consider them more. A battle-line 'tax' that can fall back and charge mixed with Bladegeists could be an awesome army.
  9. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Chainrasps are still battleline.
  10. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Grand Host of Nagash Discussion

    Hey folks, questions all around for the LoN players in here. I have been a Nighthaunt player since AoS1.0, and I have been stoked about the new Nighthaunt and all that. I specifically love the Nighthaunt models. However... it seems to me Nighthaunt as a faction are more in the 'Gambler's Army' realm than I really like. They have a lot of good abilities and units and synergies and the like... but their battle traits like Wave of Terror, is one of those things you cannot plan on. It is icing on my cake when it works, but by no means something I can expect at any time. My question is, how successful can I be using basically only Nighthaunt models in a LoN army? Which Legion is best for that? I would want to keep everything ghostly, but a single necromancer with Ethereal Amulet, or a Vampire or the like would be fine since I can get them Ethereal via artifact and make them 'Ghost Necromancers' and such. An Ethereal VLoD would be fun also. I just find the 'strategy' of grave marker placement, and keeping the general alive and near one to respawn units and managing the CPs much more engaging. In Nighthaunt I basically bank CPs for the first turn or so, then use them for charge rerolls and the occasional +attack buffs on the Knight of Shrouds. It seems from an outside perspective... that I could essentially maintain the full Nighthaunt unit synergies with the units added to LoN with Soul Wars, while also bringing in a unit of Bladegeists, or a special character from time to time, etc. The Nightmare Lantern for instance gives +1 to wound for all Nighthaunt units, and if I am using all Nighthaunt units in my LoN I lose none of the synergy from that buff. Likewise I can still use the spell to spirit lure more units back, PLUS all the grave site healing. It just seems like I could do a much better steady, strategic, attrition, type play style in LoN as opposed to NH, even when still using all bedsheets. What do you all think?
  11. Nevar

    Thorns of the Briar Queen super pts efficient?

    I am a huge fan of her as well, however she suffers from "there are better and more synergistic characters than her" syndrome. I don't think there is anything wrong with her, she is pretty good and I will be using her a lot, but she isn't as good as a Guardian of Souls for instance.
  12. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    So... maybe this has been pointed out somewhere else. I recently got a Black Coach model online for super cheap (yay me!) and I was looking through the instructions. The warscroll in the build instructions states it is a HERO. Not only is it a HERO but it has a rule called "Obvious Target" which makes it count as a MONSTER for the purposes of Look Out Sir! Everything else is the same. I know people were talking about how it needed to be a HERO earlier in the thread and I found it interesting.
  13. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    Well that is my point. You said; "but on the other, it does fill our BL needs in one go" Implying it deals with the 'BL tax' as a upside of the battalion. Something like any of the Chainrasp battalions do the same, with less points tied into them, and much more desirable hero choices. Guardian of Souls, Spirit Torments, etc. I am not arguing Chainrasps are better than Spirit Hosts, they are extremely different, but if you are wanting a competitive battalion with artifacts and the like, while also filling in the BL requirements, any of the Chainrasp options are superior. If you don't like Chainrasps like me, then these battalions are not very attractive. Which is why I am using an Execution Horde for Path to Glory. I want to use better BL and make the best use of RotSH early in the campaign. Guardian of Souls can get max 9 wounds back from his spell, or x3 Spirit Hosts if you are lucky, likely only getting x2. RotSH will get you 1-3 Hosts back, average 2.
  14. Nevar

    AoS 2 - Nighthaunt Discussion

    The main question becomes... would you want to pay the points for the Executioner and the Battalion? Also... are you wanting to pay those prices for the Spirit Hosts when there are Chainrasps and Grims out there. I will be using it in an upcoming Path to Glory, mainly because I wanted to make a 'fun list' and Spirit Hosts coupled with RotSH will make the starting warband more survivable early in the campaign. I think the problem with the Executioner and his battalion is not that they are bad, just that they have far better things competing with them.
  15. Nevar

    Hex Wraith tactics

    Hey, I use x20 Hexwraiths in every battle these days, and I 'swear by them'. Keep in mind, you do not actually have to fly completely over an enemy unit to get the MW generation. You base merely has to pass over an enemy base. That means you can do a 'brush by' where the horses only graze the outer models of the enemy unit and get full dice, or even move forward to touch the enemy bases and then move back again to where you started. That means if you can get your unit somewhere close, to a target, you can do the hunters MW run, and then still charge the same target for even more mortal wounds. With only x5 riders though, I would suggest using them as fast moving objective grabbers. They can kill chaff units pretty well and take a lot more than your opponent suspects to remove. You can even have them follow your general around as a quasi-body guard if you are using a mounted hero like Reikenor, Dreadblade, or Mounted Knight of Shrouds. My Hexwraith blob has played the center line every time so far, although I also have often charged them into combat, then teleported them out of combat with the Nighthaunt Command Ability so that I could charge them in again. They are definately not as straight forward/easy to throw into battle and just win like Grimghasts, but their speed and abilities makes them capable of always dictating the shape of the battlefield, and sometimes that is worth more than some rerolls.