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My black library submission WIP


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Hello all. Due to the upcoming Black Library submission period (Details here), I am working on a couple of submissions of my own. One, which I am working on first, is my primary submission. To avoid any plagiarism (Sorry, but it happens!) and due to the fact that it is a 40k story, I will keep that one a secret. But, as for my second one, which I call "City of Branches", I plan to share the writing process. I've attempted (And failed) multiple times to write non-Warhammer fiction, but I just don't have the motivation. I am hoping that by sharing my progress, I might be motivated to follow through. Basically, the idea for this book is that it takes place in my personally made Free City called Twin Oak city. It follows the quest of a Wayfinder, a Waystrider, and a Waywatcher to get rid of the Skaven Infestation that the lower levels of the city are plagued by.

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Intriguing. Two thoughts:

1: Are those units that will continue to exist in the setting (I admittedly haven't paid much attention to the pending Cities of Sigmar release)

2: Interested to see how you have that playing out as it seems entirely in the Skaven's favour as described.

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1: No. All of them have been cut already, but I won't use exactly those names to represent them, more like use their general ideas for characters. I thought it would be nice to pay homage to my three favorite GW sculpts.

2: Yeah, that's the idea. Against all odds was one of the prompts, and having to defeat an entire skaven horde alone seemed like a fitting choice! I'm considering doing something like the heroes letting some sort of Clan Moulder abomination - Maybe even a Hell Pit Abomination, although I don't think it would fit in the smaller tunnels - Loose on the Skaven, just to soften them up.

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