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Long time hobbyist and lurker, hi!

King Belegar

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Hello everyone!

I've played Warhammer since around 2006. My friend introduced me to Dawn of War and I was hooked. For some reason, though, when I found my way to the hobby, I bought the old Dwarf Battalion box instead of 40k.

After that I went on to collect Dwarfs, Tomb Kings, Bretonnia, and Tau models, but somehow never managed to field an army over 1,000 points. A combination of slow painting, too many armies and the cursed squathammer I suppose.

Since Age of Sigmar launched I think I've played exactly one game. But my interest in the hobby is finally growing again and now I'm collecting an army of Dispossessed.

In my own personal lore they're the (extremely) ancient descendants of Clan Angrund, the family who tried to reconquer Karak Eight Peaks. In true dwarven fashion, they're on a mission to rebuild Karak Eight Peaks exactly as it was in the World-That-Was, and they travel the world chasing rumours of long-lost artifacts from the Eight Peaks and blueprints of the old halls. The vast majority of these rumours turn out to be false, and the blueprints are often contradictory (which leads to endless rebuilding), but they're nothing if not stubborn and they won't stop until they've completed their quest.

I haven't decided which realm they're living in yet.

And now I'm just hoping they don't squat the hell out of Dispossessed in the new Cities of Sigmar book.

So yeah, hi!

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Welcome, welcome most stubborn lads of them all, “mighty lord Belegar”.

it is an honor to meet-see you finally in person,


anyways enough with the skaven talk. 

I hope you’ll find your place in the community, it is quit interesting and with the well not so welcome but still wanted cities of Sigmar book, which is well what at least is known as of right now, a very welcoming update in warscrolls as well as allegiance abilities for the dwarfs.

anyways, the fluff from the old world  is still one of the best if I may say so myself.

storys like battles between belegar, Queek and Skarsnik are are renowned and song of.

As it is standing right now, I am theming my army after the old clan Mors, with the so feared Headtaker leading them.

So if you have time, and should our paths some times cross, having a game or two would definitely be interesting and fun.


Anywyas hope you’ll enjoy the aos system, 

and now go out there and win you kharak back😉!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I'm looking forward to getting involved. Yes, I'm hopeful that the new book will bring more than it takes away for my little guys. If they end up sacrificing some of the older models but giving us more competitive rules and a wider range of allegiance abilities, well, I guess I can live with that 😁.

Just the mention of Clan Mors makes an old duardin's beard bristle. I'm sure my Angrund boys would be itching for a chance to settle some grudges 😉.

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