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Feathers, colours and conversions!


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Hi; new here.

I started my Freeguild army just over a month ago, with some second hand Empire models, second hand Bretonnians and Karl Franz.

I am a serial converter, and many Bretonnian bowmen have lost their heads, legs and arms on my slaughterblock. While I like the Freeguild models, I cannot help myself from thinking about adding things from other sources and do sometimes use stuff from other vendors. I have a semblance of the old Altdorf colours, blue, red and gold being primary.

As of yet, I have just over 60 bretonnian bowmen in varying states of conversion to become archers, militia guard and in the future crossbowmen (I think about 15 painted), 5 Outriders and 5 Pistoleers (made from one set, with Glade Riders and Bretonnian Knights of the Realm forming the majority of the riders), one Karl Franz, 10 Greatswords of which half painted, 40 guards sword/shield painted, 20 gunners painted, a painted general and a few wizards painted. And then 6 gryph hounds that will become mounts for my Pistoleers by cutting off the front quarters and glueing them to part of a Wood elf horse (I want the gryph-animal theme to be quite a feature in my army).

Then, I  of course went on and got distracted, and purchased some Nighthaunt stuff, I have the Sigmarine wizards stripped of their shoulderpads and painted to be more Freeguild (they might have to stand in for wizards that actually are able to survive anything), Zarbag's Gitz because Squigs are cute, and the Godsworn hunt which will become a metal band.

As for non-GW additions, I have a set of Landsknecht missile troops (want to use the weapons to give different missile weapons to my militia guard, have more fancy hats, give swords to militia guards and give poofy pants to troops that may lack them), Frostgrave soldiers 2 (Bretonnians convert well to ladies, if you have enough heads, this set gives 40, as well as 20 bodies and a good amount of weapons).

All in all, a good 200 bodies in just over a month, and not even half of them painted (most of them I purchased painted). Oh dear. 

Future additions will be Demigryps, a few more pistoleers and perhaps some guards and crossbowmen and extra general, though the ME Dale warriors are also looking mighty tempting. No GW paints though, as I hate their pots.

I have not yet started doing a lot of terrain, but am eager to start with that.

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