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Pogol's Troggherd to date


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Hi, following my first posting of 2 photos in the Troggoth discussion and encouraged by the kind likes given (thankyou), I have decided to post some more photos from the same batch.  I enjoy looking at other's hobby so why not offer some of my own.  I will try for a better set up with more lighting in the future, but this is my first attempt so I hope you bear with me. :) 














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11 minutes ago, Fisherdwarf said:

Love the variety of colours, I bet this looks amazing together on the table.

The only thing lacking slightly for me is the spider swarm. With everything else so characterful and vibrant, the dark grey spiders feel fairly umderwhelming.

Thank you!  Yes, the Spiderswarm is a bit brab in comparison.  I was having a dilemma over it because I want to use the endless spells with other variants of Gloomspite Gitz armies, or even with my Ironjaws , and was trying for something that would fit with a variety of colour schemes.  I did wonder whether to get another set of the Endless spells, but felt it better for the moment (money being a finite source) to keep adding actual units to build up the army.  When my Troggherd is more complete, I may do that and have a dedicated spiderswarm just for my Troggoths or simply give this one a proper makeover.  As you say, it would be better to keep the overall effect.  Thank you for the feedback, it's gratefully appreciated.

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