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Paint scheme help needed - Slaanesh


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So I've got some rough ideas for a paint scheme, but little real idea how to create them besides picking roughly the colours on the warhammer painting ap and copying their painting process suggestion. Furthermore I'm not 100% sold on the scheme I've come up with in my head - I'm concerned that its perhaps a bit bitty in terms of the colour choices (esp for the hair). Right now my rough thoughts are: 


Eyes: Black, no pupils. Akin to how GW has done it for their Endless Spell https://www.games-workshop.com/en-GB/Endless-Spells-Hedonites-of-Slaanesh-2019

Hair: flaming purple. 

Core body: Pale white skin, advancing to deep browns on leg scales/spikes and brown moving to red hues along longer horns and blade/claw arms. 
My core body inspirate/idea is feline influence; so thinking spots like off cheetah/leopard, but with a more white base to the skin and focusing most of the "spots" around the natural scale formations on the bodies. 

clothes: Black leather with silver studs/eddges 

Bangles/necklace: gold - vallejo liquid gold? 

Seeker mount: 
straps/harness/main saddle body - black leather with silver buckles. Saddle underlayer gold 

Core body underneath - same pale white of deamonettes; spines/spikes again going for the same deamonette pallet above 

Scales/upper body - unsure at present, I was leaning toward black, but that would overshadow and conflict with the straps. I'm now thinking perhaps a deep red. 

Tongues - bright blue 

Eyes - black 

hair - unsure on those that have hair. 

thicker spine plates/scales - unsure.

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So doing some more thinking and random googling around and I've a few further ideas: 

1) Deciding to get a pot of Vajello Liquid Silver, Liquid Gold Red and Liquid Old Gold. 
From what I can see online of the colours those would likely be my two favoured gold shades for fantasy, whilst the silver I can use on the models metal points so that the metallics on the model blend well together with the same shine. I'm also curious how liquid silver works with GW's gemstone paints like Spirit Stone Red. 

2) I found this tutorial on painting flaming purple 

And whilst its going the opposite way I wonder if I can incorporate the ideas into the hair for my deamonetts; using orange as the base coat and then layering up into darker shades of purple for the fire effect. Essentially replacing the white of hottest heat (in the recesses) with a vibrant orange. 

3) White/pale skin has a LOT of tutorials out there. Personally I'm aiming for a very clean white effect, almost paper white on the main body and then let the edge regions near scales and claws blend into the darker rich brown and reds. 

4) I saw this over in the Contrast paint thread (referencing the older washes that GW used to make on Dakka) 

I'm thinking that the red effect there is ideal for what I'm after, though I might have to adapt it for the claws, but for the power-claws that's ideal. A base of a rich brown colour and then the red contrast paint over the top might work? 

Edit - thinking on the browns for the horns/blades I'm wondering if starting with a base of Dryad Bark then a layer of Doombull brown (possibly mixed with medium) then starting into the reds - tempted to see what flesh tearers red would do (contrast paint)

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