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Oop Orruk Models


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Hello, I have some very oop orks that I purchased blind and don't fit in with my current Orruk stuff. I'm in the US, so I'd prefer to stay within the states unless you don't mind paying more for shipping. I have: Shaman with squiggly beast b7d359f085e0abacef5902c1b21c2548.jpg

Warboss on boar both painted and unpainted 5e8d83942c5f61686f9490ef0d923295.jpg255cf8031a8fc73f2111ab9bbc129e3e.jpg

13 boar boys with banner and horn 7fc47d441415188d91a26819ba4cbd9d.jpg

5 savage boar boyz 10f37233b38b5b0b5d196f73f6fbf5dc.jpg

26 black orcs 77cb74ad3e8cd520563f9015272f4326.jpg

13 grots 7f65a7f0eaaa73dba808c03a5667a5c4.jpg

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