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Legion of sacrament matched play



Guys he LOS ability that make you bring back a dead unit after killing enemy unit with a 4+, is usable in matched play? Or it’s not allowed?

Another question is : ALL unit has to be within 9” from graves or just one model ? ( to benefit from d3 wounds heled every hero phase)

thx all:)

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It's usable in matched play, at least I don't see a reason why it shouldn't be (we are no longer in AoS 1.0 with summoning points, where these abilities were rather restricted).

For the second question, if the rule text mentions that the unit has to be wholly within 9" or whatever, every single model in that unit has to be completely (base-wise) within that bubble. On the other hand, if the rule text only requires you to be within a certain range, a single model is enough and it doesn't even require the whole base to be inside.


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