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Blades of Khorne or Maggotkin of Nurgle?


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Well, both factions have an AoS2.0 Battletome right now, which rulewise means that you can play both without bothering much about powerlevels so far.

Some things that speak for Khorne:

  • Easy to get into through 3 Start Collecting Boxes and the still available Wrath and Glory Box. Also a quite big second hand market.
  • Fast and killy army that want´s to get fast into meele. Bloodtithe rewards you for each destroyed unit.
  • Funny way of interacting with magic as Khorne don´t uses any but prayers instead, which can´t be banned. You still can shut down enemy magic quite well.
  • We have Slaughterhosts which allows us to customize our army a bit more.
  • With the new tome Khorne also has some "Fight Twice" and "Fight first" sheningans
  • Mortals and Daemons are both quite model count heavy armies

And for Nurgle:

  • 2 Start Collecting Boxes which cover all essential units for Mortals (Rotbringers) and Deamons
  • Heavy hitting army which can be quite a challange to beat down for the opponent. Can get quite fast with Gnarlwoods and the specific army mechanic
  • Nurglings
  • Some good casters and spells available
  • Rotbringers are a more elite faction which allows you a low model count army, daemons can field quite many bodies in form of rotbringers

Both factions have a great pool of units to choose from, with awesome greater daemons. Both factions can also summon new daemons during the battle. Both also have faction specific buildings (althrough in my opinion the nurgle trees are simply better in terms of lore and game design). Nurgle lacks specific endless spells as the Battletome was released before Malign Sorceries hit the shelf and we don´t know if GW will give us some later on. From what I understand about Nurgle you actually don´t need thoose endless spells anyway.

I would suggest, especially if it is going to be your first army, you go for the range you like more from model design and theme, as painting, building and looking at them is a big part of the hobby, too!

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