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Slaughterpriest questions



I recently played a few games with a Khorne player and because I am a Khorne player myself I have a few questions.  

The battletome states "In addition to any other prayer they can chant, each PRIEST in a Khorne army knows one blessing from the Blood Blessings of Khorne".  Does this mean that they can pray for something like a blood boil and then turn around and also chant a blessing like Killing Frenzy on the same phase?

Second, I heard there was a errata allowing slaughterpriests to dispel endless spell after they have been successfully cast.  I haven't been able to find any such errata.  Does anyone know if this is true and where to find where this is stated?

Third, in the battletome it states "At the start of the hero phase, you can use 1 or more Blood Tithe points to receive 1 reward from the Blood Tithe table below."  Since it does not state who's hero phase does that mean Blood Tithe can be redeemed in your your own hero phase as well as your opponents? Or can they only be redeemed in your own hero phase?

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Khorne just got a new Battletome, think it went on shelves yesterday. So there are a bunch of new tools for them to use. Many of them can be found in the Azyr App if you can download that on your phone. Another resource is on the GW store site should have the new model rules for download on each individual page.

1. Yes, all your priests can pray twice, Once from the warscroll prayer and a second time for the blessings of Khorne.

2. Yes they just added the new rule on the slaughterpreists new Warscroll so it isn’t and errata but a entirely new thing added to the model in the newest book.

3. Also yes Khorne is one of the only armies that can do thing like spend blood tithe points in the opponent’s Hero phase. This is partly because of the 2 point autodeny of spells, but any of the powers may be used at that time, even summoning, (unless the mechanics was changed in the new book)

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