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I receveid a lot of requests about such videos, so I use this opportunity to share the steps and the video itself with everyone. Obviously they are some referring, everyone can see if they suit him/herself or otherwise choose other options. In the vidoe I also explained other variants too.



we can start with magnetizing the head itself


The free bodies require 3 different magnetizing, but you can procede filling the backs to uniform the magnets:




About the arms I decided to glue them to the backs.  You can magnetize them, but it was a bit messy to do so cause the shape of the back themselves, so I decided to glu. Anyway if you proceed in gluing them you have to remove a little part of the shoulders muscle in the front cause it would create a grip on the model otherways.


Then I magnetized the base cause I found it better to store the model this way.



And then there is the video itself that explained everything more detailed way:



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