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Classics and Collectibles - Share your old models!


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So with the new Skaven Battletome coming out I was starting to lurk ebay more and more, not just for current stuff but also some unique and older models and it struck me that there's often a lot of great stuff out there in the Warhammer range which just slips past and vanishes and people forget about it. Or those new to the game have no idea it was ever around.


So I figure as we've got a lot of members we must have some old gems in the cupboard and in our armies. So here's a chance to tell us what you've got and, if you've photos, show them off too! From one-off models to old stuff to rare stuff - whatever it is show off time is here! 


Myself I've little that's special, however I did pick up the Skaven Games Day model leader. A limited edition model that actually (UK side at least) has a fair number kicking around in new condition on ebay. A very neat Warlock Engineer with a backpack, spear and large triangle skaven shield. 

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