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WTS Skaven Skryre weapons teams. 2×warpfire, 2×mortar


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Got for sale, 4 total weapons team. Unpainted.

2 warpfire thrower teams

2 poison wind mortar teams, 1 unassembled.

They're on the old 40k biker bases cause I got these when AoS was first out and it was from Island of Blood not Spire of Dawn.

Would accept money or trading for a box of Ogors maybe.





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Still available, I also have more stuff from Island of Blood/Spire of Dawn.

- 2 packmasters, painted

- 2×2 rat ogres, slightly converted to look different from their copies

- 1 Warlock Engineer, painted

- 10+ clanrats on sprue, would have to count how many exactly. No bases.

- 1 skaven warlord, painted

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