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My future army.

Arlen Presleynn

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Hi mates, with your directly or indirectly help I take my decission. 

I'll make my army with GHoN alligment. My choice incluid Manfred as mortarch (I have just one to assemble right now, in future I will buy other two because I love it) 

10 blood knights(with dragon blades model), 30 skelly, 20 grave guard, 10 black knight, 20 wolves (I use just 10-15 I supuse) 4 morghast, 6 vargheist, 1 Wight king (the blade one) and dragon zombie... After all this, I take a million of skelly because I don't like zombies. 

But I still with a doubt. I have one coven throne/mortis engine/bloodseeker/ model... What is the best option with GHoN / Legion of night?? 

Of course I still wanna all your tips but, grave guard is a must in, because is my favorite model... 20-30 and I think it's not enough hahaha

Thank you mates

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Sooo, that was kinda confusing and I can answer in style.

But if you want to go GHoN with Manni, all the 3+\3+ models would really benefit from his CA. 

 Manni, necro and Wight King as heroes, then 20 Graveguard with 2x5 Wolves and that’s 1,1k.

six vargheist and another set of wolves (or guards) and you‘re up to about 1,5k. The morghast and blood knights are a bit too pricey  for that level, manni takes up too many (🙀) points. The coven throne can do similar things for 180 points less, especially for smaller games, the ladies rock. Personally I think they always rock...

For 2k

Manni, Wightking, 2Necros, 20 graveguards, 2x5 wolves, as basic. Then 10 Bloodknights and 6 vargheist... or, since Morghast get boni, 4 morghast and 15 blackknights ... 

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