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Undead March ov Doom

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1 hour ago, Saikological said:

They look very old and dirty, i like that. Care to share the process of painting them?

Bit of an odd one. The models spread throughout about 28 years of playing undead, but around a decade ago, I'd stripped them and sprayed them white. Some had been inked, others hadn't.

So........getting some order in place:

1. Army painter strong tone ink on everything, Complete wash

2. Put a layer of bone colour onto the main bones, ribs, skull, etc. Don't fuss too much about it being perfect, just be quick and accurate. It'll get shaded again later, this is just definition.

3.  Mix some dark grey and silver together in a fairly unmixed swirl. Paint the weapons.

4. Red and leather brown - again, mixed but not much. Do the shields, colours and flags

5.  Leather brow on all of the browns.

6. Mix some red, leather brown and black together to a ruddy swirl - don't worry about it being a perfect blended mix and paint this into the recesses and places where natural shadow would lay. I hold the model up a bit, as the light is above me (I paint late night) and see where the shadows fall, then go for those.

Don't worry about being messy, as it doesn't really matter.  Be a bit artistic about it really and don't fret about it being spread onto unshaded bits. I've found the more roughly applied, the better it tends to look.

If you put a bit too much or paint accidentally gets on something else, rub it off with yer thumb and leave it in the recesses of the area.

This forces extra shading onto the models and gives it a grubby look.

7. Wash everything with army painter soft tone thats a bit thinned with water. That blends everything together into a whole.


Pretty quick and simple - I did 40 skeletons in about 3 hours (spread across small 20 mins sessions) following this. Stage 2 takes the longest.


You can see the forced shading on the fellow on the front row at the right, and on the one behind in the right centre of the pic. Those ribcages - they've got that ruddy dark red blend on them. Tricks the eye. I'm not a huge fan of the superbly clean detailed layering - I used to do it, but got that out of my system may years ago. Its too much work!



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