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Best way to start Skaven


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Hi, all. I am thinking of starting a mixed Skaven force, but am unsure how to proceed. It seems that right now there are only two easy routes to start from scratch. First would be go in on the Pestilens SC box, then branch out as the rest of the clans get more support from GW. The other way is to find one half of the Spire of Dawn box and build from there -- but that is really difficult to find now.

I suppose I'm unsure if starting with Pestilens will give me a solid foundation. Do they work well with the other clans? I don't want an army of just 100+ plague monks. I would rather have a mix of monks, clanrats, and stormvermin at 2000 points, along with the iconic units like the Screaming Bell, Doomwheel, etc. I'm not a tournament player -- there is no AoS scene where I live and my games will mostly be casual with friends. But I don't want to assemble an army that doesn't really work together.

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pestilens works better with nurgle than with other clans, as their abilities benefit nurgle and hurt non nurgle. 

That said, you can build the Furnace as a Screaming bell and the Catapult as a Warped lightning cannon, so it's still not terrible.  (if you want to try your hand at magnetizing or converting you can make the kits convertable to play both.. screaming bell is easier as it's just really the thing that hangs)

If you are not aware, Skaven are probably getting some love soon.  Many people expect a battletome this year (GW said more to come when they unveiled the upcoming Skaven vs FEC box set).  So, in some ways, it will be good to wait and see what that has in it before fully committing. 

In the mean time, you can't go wrong buying boxes of clan rats. you won't want to paint a lot at once so better get started now.  Stormvermin are probably another safe pick up to start painting. 

Spire of Dawn / Island of Blood is not a bad pick up. I have bought several boxes off ebay this year just to flip (sorry everyone).  I think if you are diligent and search frequently you can find one at a reasonable price. Either the skaven half or the whole thing (you should be able to get a fair price for the elves).  Also mixed lots off ebay,  (which will probably have spire of dawn minis in them)

Doomwheel is in the upcoming box set, so it's price will drop on ebay when that happens as people piece out the box set. 


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OK, so it looks like Carrion Empire will have Warlock Bombardier, 3x Stormfiends, Warp Lightning Cannon, and Doomwheel. That's probably going to be like 700-730 points. I guess grabbing a couple of boxes of clanrats now would be a decent way to round that out to 1000 points...

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